Android stock portfolio apps

I’ve been paying a bit more attention than normal to the day-to-day performance of my portfolio, and I’ve been looking for an Android app that would give me very basic information at a glance.

What I want:

Display of my actual portfolio, including total market value change today for each stock, and a total change today for the entire portfolio.

Display of the above information in a widget.

Not complicated, right? But I’ve yet to find something I like. There are no portfolio widgets, only stock widgets that don’t include the # of shares I own. Even if the app tracks that, it won’t display it in the widget. Most apps don’t track portfolios, period.

I’ve found a couple that almost work. Like Stock Watcher, for example. It will display a portfolio, or the current stock price, but not both at the same time. Seriously, since when is this rocket science?

I think I’ve settled on Stock Quote, which tracks the portfolio information well enough, but doesn’t have a widget, and Mini Stocks, which has a widget, but doesn’t display everything I want. I’m curious if anyone else has found better choices for this basic information.

Does your broker’s app suck or something? I use the Etrade app and it’s pretty great. Not only real time quotes and day 's loss/gain, but also cost avg, watch lists, tons of news and links to analysis, ratings, quick info, etc.

What does your broker’s app look like?

Fidelity’s app is fine, but it requires that I log in. I don’t want to log in, I want to be able to glance at current status without much effort.

It also does not have a widget.