Android tablets: why the hell are they shipping with Android 4.x still?

iPad users are objectively worse people.


Is there any decent Snapdragon 835 or 845 based Android tablet even out there?

My mom’s Nexus 9 is suuuuper slow these days. Even navigating the Google Play store is 2 seconds between taps…

ZenPad 3S I guess

It’s surprisingly hard to find a good tablet between the bargain basement low resolution screens and the overpriced Samsung models. I have been pretty happy with the Lenovo tablet I found. They surprised me by updating Android to version 6.

Still enjoying the two Fire HD 10’s I got last year, once I got the PLAY store installed they turned out great.

ZenPad 3S isn’t too bad so far. At $295 at least it is a bit cheaper than the iPad at $329, though way less powerful. I successfully uninstalled all the Asus bloatware on it too.

Will only update to Android 7 (so far), performance is a bit below the Snapdragon 835 but in the ballpark of an 820 … so 2016 era Android perf.

ZenPad 3S 10 tablet gets 27.5 (in speedometer 2.0) with an oddball SoC

I just tested the older 2017 $329 iPad and it gets 43.4, so thankfully not a blowout as I feared.

Just ran across this recent Chuwi tablet that seems really great for the price:

Are there good Android tablet apps?