Android - what's in your pocket?


Sounds like a solid plan. :)


I did exactly what you’re considering here: downgraded my Pixel 1 to a g6 a week ago. I haven’t regretted it. One advantage you didn’t list is that you can upgrade the g6’s internal memory with a fast SD card. My Pixel had 32GB that I had to keep shuffling stuff around to make room in. My new g6 now has 160GB. Net cost for my g6, including a new phone case and SD card, is negative because of the trade-in value of the Pixel and the promotional credits.

Other positive:

  • The Moto gestures are awesome. I’m not sure why they’re not standard on every phone. I would almost always buy Moto phones just to have them. Specifically, you can shake the phone twice to activate the flashlight, and twist the phone back and forth in your hand to activate the camera and/or switch between front and rear cameras. On the Pixel I had to push the power button twice to fast-activate the camera, which wore out the power button after a couple of years. (One major reason I wanted a replacement.) And there was no way to easily turn the flashlight on in a pinch.

Negatives so far:

  • I’m pretty sure the g6 is a little less snappy than the Pixel; it has a slightly clunkier UI feel. But I can’t point to anything specific herel; there’s just a subtly slower response.
  • The camera probably isn’t as good, but that’s a hard thing for me to notice. Here’s a comparison (not really a fair one because they’re not of the same thing, but similar scenery.)


Moto g6:

The g6 is less sharp, and it doesn’t have the HDR processing that the Pixel does automatically.


I look at those two pictures and they both look fine.


I mean, “landscapes in full daylight” isn’t the sort of scenario where less-exceptional cameras struggle.


Yeah, you have to compare a nighttime photo of the G6 compared to a NightSight photo from the Pixel.


Sure, and I haven’t had the phone long enough to try out the g6 in low light. (I take very few low light photos, apparently, looking back through my photos.) But I never got great images from the Pixel in low light. You just can’t compensate for having that tiny aperture. Here are a couple of Pixel photos:

The color is ok, but they’re not sharp, you get motion effects and light starbursts. The Pixel actually excelled most in bright light because it would use its HDR effect to prevent foreground objects from being silhouettes:


Picked up an LG G7 ThinQ the other day to replace my S8. Pretty happy with it. I’ve always loved LG’s double-tap to wake the phone and put it to sleep.

This is my first phone with a finger print reader and are they all shit? This thing works less then 20% of the time, which means it’s useless.


Try rescanning your fingerprint and make sure you place it in a different position on the reader for every scan. Mine on both my Pixel and my g6 have worked almost flawlessly. (Well, once I went rockclimbing in Joshua Tree for a weekend, which eroded all of my fingerprints and my sensor didn’t work for a couple of weeks until they grew back.)


The fingerprint reader on my LG V35 works great. As Matt_W wrote, make sure you train it correctly. Also, the fingertip needs to be dry and relatively clean, so for instance mine fails when I’m in the middle of cooking something.


Yeah, my N5X and P3 have both been basically flawless in the fingerprint sensor department.


Yeah, I do love the double tap. Never have trouble with the fingerprint reader on my Essential, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 I recently picked up used.


I love the double-tap to unlock on my P3. It is much less consistent though, to the point that I get annoyed with it.


Glad to hear that the Moto G6 is a worthy successor to the G5 Plus. I can’t get over how well the battery does (in the G5) and I was surprised to find that it’s only 3,000mAh as I routinely get 2 full days out of it with some left to spare. I also love the gestures, especially the flashlight. The camera in my mind is only decent. Sometimes I find in lower light or in moving scenes I miss shots because the shutter is just way to slow (shutter delay, not shutter speed). It also can be a bit slow for the camera app to start up which means you sometimes miss a chance to get those kid shots. I also think that Motorola is way too slow to update their software. That’s a lot of negatives but there’s a lot of positives as you mentioned and you get a heck of a lot of phone for $230 CDN. I would totally love to have a Samsung S10 but I’m not about to shell out over 1K for one.


I am very excited that the S10 line has a headphone jack, and that they are releasing a cheaper version for a much more reasonable amount of money. (750) although the normal S10 of 900 is still 100 bucks cheaper than the XS.

My Galaxy s6 is feeling very old, and 750 sounds much more reasonable for a new phone to me. And it seems like the 150 dollar price difference is the loss of the telephoto camera, and the in screen fingerprint scanner, which I can live with. Same processor, storage, I think a little less ram? But livable.


Energizer is making the phone that everyone on QT3 says they want.

I’m teasing obviously!


I am not against chunky phones.


I would totally buy that if it were a flagship phone from Google or Samsung and not some off-label POS. It doesn’t look any thicker than my current phone once it’s got an Otterbox case on it.


Yeah, the issue with this stuff is you usually end up sacrificing something vital cuz no one wants to include everything properly.

Ideal: large, high rez, high-quality OLED screen that doesn’t fucking wrap around the sides of the phone so you can actually buy protective goddamned cases. Large, high-capacity, long-life battery that won’t shit the bed at 13 months. Headphone jack so that you don’t have to pretend that bluetooth doesn’t suck fucks. SD card slot so you never have to delete anything ever. Large internal memory cuz the same. Lots of RAM because I want to multi all the fucking tasks. Excellent camera(s) so that I can record super high def photos and videos of my concerts to my infinite storage space. Lightweight or nonexistent OS skin and promise of swift updates through at least 2 years. Strong stereo speakers that don’t sound like they’re blown out from day 1. Actually usable as a telephone with microphones that exist and also work. Heavy metal and plastic frame so that when you drop the phone four inches onto a plush mattress it doesn’t shatter into 10,000 fucking pieces.

Actual? Pick 5-8 of the 11 and pay $1000.


If they made a phone with all 11, but charged $2K for it, would you bite?


Yes. Shamefully so. I might even lie about it. But god yes.