Android - what's in your pocket?


Not too shabby, Timex :-D

Given that my phone STILL inexplicably hates my router at home and was too far from my parents’ when I was in my old bedroom at home, my wifi usage for the last month is decidedly tiny. ~2.75GB so far from Dec 9 onward. Meanwhile, my mobile usage has been closer to 9.5GB from Dec [I]17[/I] till now.

I, uh, use a lot of data.


Yeah, the connectivity of the 6p is extremely good. They actually put some effort into making all of the antennae work well, and as a result, the thing is rock solid in terms of connecting easily to networks. It also doesn’t flake out at all, like some past phones I’ve had, when it transitions between different networks. It just seamlessly transitions to whatever network it thinks is best.

Previously, my past usage on Verizon was around 2GB a month, so it’s not like I never use the phone for stuff. But the 6P just seems way better at getting on wifi networks, and thus reduces the need for the cell network. I’m also not totally sure how the google wifi roaming thing works, as I think it actually sometimes connects to secure networks that Google happens to know the password for. Which seems weird. But it works very well.


Does the 6p have double tap to start? I really miss that on my Axon Pro, and loved it on my LG G2/and my wife’s Zenfone 2 Laser.


For me my 6p has been almost just as bad as my prior phone, the Nexus 5, at trying to join a network where you need to click a terms sign up or something, or getting stuck on a wireless network with 1 “bar” and me not being able to use apps/chrome until I manually switch off the wifi. It’s a little better, but unfortunately not like the situation you describe.


That’s so weird, I wonder what the cause is.


Minor tangent because there’s other Google Fi people here. Why does signup require their own SIM card? Why can’t I enter my own sim card number and just start it up? It’s like an NSA requirement to have a mailing address associated with any sim card shipments or something, geez.

My 6P has a very strong wifi + LTE signal compared to my Nexus 4 and 5. Places where I used to have a dead signal now merely have poor signal.

Still having Gmail sync errors. Seems mitigated if you leave a gmail window open instead of swiping it closed.


The whole point of Fi is that it works on two cell networks. I assume it needs a special SIM to do that.


Oh really? That’s neat!


Speaking of Google Fi, make sure you turn on data roaming (it defaulted to off on my Nexus 6). Unlike most providers, Google does not charge extra for roaming, and in my case it seems to have improved my connection. And of course it will let you continue to use your phone if you travel abroad.


Huh, I had no idea. That’s impressive.


Yes, it works with both Sprint and T-Mobile, and dynamically switches between whichever network is better. That’s what Fi is all about.


Interesting article on Fi in Wiredfrom last fall. The gist is that the SIM is the secret sauce, and could do more than 2 networks.


Which, in my area, would mean it’d dynamically transition between 1 bar and 2 slower bars every block*!

Says the proud(?) T-Mobile customer ;)

  • As if cities in the South have proper blocks. Ugh, urban sprawl.


Both T-Mobile and Sprint suck in general, but often they don’t simultaneously suck in the [I]same [/I]area. That’s Fi’s thesis, anyway.


Ironically, they both suck in my area – but somehow, together, they do exceedingly well.


But if they offer roaming for free, doesn’t this just mean that they basically just have everyone’s network?


Fi includes [I]international[/I] roaming, and only at 3G speed. It’s a nice perk and they have agreements with those providers, but that’s it.


But they also have domestic data roaming, with no additional charge. And actually, from what I’m seeing online, it seems like virtually all the networks seem to not charge for data roaming domestically.

But it seems like it means that if you turn this on for your phone, your phone will just connect to anyone’s cell tower and give you data coverage, and it just functions like normal data.


The roaming is what really drew me in - If you use Straighttalk (prepaid), for example, you have no way to talk to people. You’d have to pick up a prepaid plan + sim once you land.

Japan, Dominican Republic, UK, Canada, rates are $10/GB, $0.20 min for voice calls. Very nice! Last time I was in Japan, downloading a google map cost about $30 just for one silly map using Tmobile.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime 32GB, OnePlus One 64GB and Nexus 6P 32GB are my Android phones at the moment.