Android - what's in your pocket?

So, seems like the Samsung foldable updates were pretty boring, though the Flip did get a bit of a battery boost. I have to say, given what a relative dud the S24 has been on the battery front, I’m kind of tempted to trade it in either for the Flip 6 or maybe the 5 if it gets discounted heavily. If I’m not getting super battery life anyway I might as well have a funky form factor, at least to try it out.

Or there’s always the Razr option I suppose:

Or whatever Oppo comes out with next.

FWIW my wife loves her Flip 3, and probably will not go back to a non-folding format again. Motorola’s version looks cool too, though it’s also, well, a Motorola, with all the good and bad that implies.

I’m not too fussed about the lack of updates, as if I do get a flip model I don’t expect the hardware to last all that long (either breaking or being obsoleted in a few years), and anyway the improvements version to version in Android these days are pretty trivial. And from what I understand the Motorola software re the cover screen is better than Samsung’s. My main worry about the Razr would be the hinge, as apparently last year’s version wasn’t great and this year’s is untested in the wild.

Yeah, I’m with you. If I was getting a new phone the only thing that would give me pause about the Razr is the mediocre camera stuff.

I’m not a big camera person so I’m not too fussed about that.

Yeah, same with my wife. And really, the cameras in any of these modern phones are pretty damn good.

Gah, seems like this is getting a substantial Prime Day/Early Bird discount in the US, but not here.

Is it? I only see the 2023 model.