Android - what's in your pocket?


OnePlus 5.


Nokia 8?


Google Pixel?


Heh, some of those phones I’ve never seen around here, like the OnePlus and the Nokia. I like the Google Pixel look and feel, but I have yet to hear anyone’s opinion on how it sounds. Ditto for the LG G6. Never seen the others.


The LG G6 is apparently underrated and a great phone. They’re about to announce the LG v30 which could also be really good. With the iPhone 8 coming out it should be interesting to see what it offers, and the next six months should see a good round of changes as more dual camera phones come out. Personally I’m waiting for the Pixel 2 and if it isn’t great the V30, G7, or other.


Sounds interesting. I’m in no hurry so I’ll see what pops out I think. Just don’t want to get any more stuff in the Apple ecosystem, as I’m sort of letting my Apple stuff fade away at this point. Otherwise, the iPhone seems quite nice, technically.


One of the big advantages of the G6 is that it has suffered typical LG depreciation. It’s dirt cheap for a flagship, at least this side of the Atlantic.


Good to know. I am by no means in need of the latest and greatest, just better than what I have :).


Like most new phones I get one year to the next, The Pixel XL is now the best phone I’ve ever owned. The camera is spectacular both for pics and video. I get constant praise when i show off the latest video of my goofy kids or some vacation shots. It also already has Oreo, the latest and greatest Android OS.

I’ll be honest, it’s totally fine as a phone? I don’t get complaints. I can hear folks just fine. I find network coverage is a bigger factor than the internal mic and speaker hardware.


Yeah, network coverage is a biggie, and is why I’m sort of stuck on Verizon, where I am. But for whatever reason the earhole thingy on the HTC makes for terrible sound quality. The speakers, OTOH, are great, but I’m not likely to switch to speakerphone in a public place.

I have always liked the Pixel form factor and feel, so maybe I’ll check those out.


I just upgraded from the Nexus 6 to the Pixel XL, and I have no complaints about the sound quality. I do miss the 6 inch screen, but otherwise the XL is a definite improvement, particularly battery life and the camera (admittedly the N6 camera was horrible). It also has a very nice fit and finish, comparable to the iPhone.

That said, I’m on Project Fi so I didn’t have many options. The next Pixel will supposedly lack a 3.5mm jack and cost a lot more, whereas the current model is on sale, so it made sense to get it while I could.


Hmm, good to know. I always delay getting a new phone because, well, it’s a PITA to transfer all of the two-factor authenticator thingies, redo the network passwords, and all of that malarky, not to mention the BT pairings in the cars, etc.


Seriously. I just ordered the Korean version of the G6 (64Gb with Quad Dac) for about half the price of an S8 ($417 US). I did the same thing a few generations with the G3 - good deal for me, since I’m not on a contract but like up-to-date gadgets.


I just came across the LG G6 photography thread on Reddit and holy smokes, wide angle looks amazing and much better than any stitching mode.


I regret that my vocabulary is too limited to properly express my utter hatred of Bixby and Samsumg for that mother-fuckin’ giant button on the side of the S8 that I always fucking hit.

PS - fuck you too, Discord


Bodyshaming, Wumpus? Really?


Is it like Bill Bixby, and that show The Magician? That was kinda cool back then.


So Google just removed the sandwich button/side panel widget from the Android YouTube app… at the same time they added the exact same widget to the YouTube desktop site. What the hell, you mercurial UX weirdos.

Whatever, I still can’t get this new “picture in picture” feature to manifest now that my Pixel’s updated to Oreo.


No comments on the LG V30 or Moto X4 or Sony whatever?

Actually the LG V30 looks great. On design and features I’d place it ahead of the S8 as the best Android phone. I like the high power DAC for big headphones and dual camera. If the Pixel 2 is underwhelming, could be going V30 (either way, as the Google provider, it looks like LG will be my phone this year).


Navigation elements in the very top of the screen are difficult to use one-handed on today’s larger phones. That’s why burger widgets are going out of style.