Android - what's in your pocket?


I’m very much hoping the V30 is a good option, and comes at a decent monthly price for when my LG G3 gives up the ghost. I dislike the S8 greatly, but I think the V30 resolves my main issues (though I need to hold one to know…)

EDIT: Just confirmed with the visual comparison tool at phonearena that the V30 is nearly identical in size to the LG G3 (ie., not TV remote skinny like the S8). But with less bezels, and the screen doesn’t drop off into the curved edges. It looks amazing.


I really liked my LG G3 as well. It was a bummer when the screen started randomly turning off and refusing to power back up until the battery drained completely after about 2 days. I replaced it with this ZTE Axon Pro which has decent specs and runs well, but never got a 7.0 update, feels much chunkier and has a bad habit of randomly pausing audio playback. When I’m in the market for another phone I’ll take a long look at LG’s offerings.


Play the video full-screen and then hit the home button. It’s worked that way for me since earlier Beta releases.


Nope, not working. Maybe it only works on Pixel XLs. Perhaps Google has deemed PIP on a 5-inch screen to be silly.


Doesn’t work on my XL either.

As far as I can Google, PIP only works on YouTube if you subscribe to Red. And it hasn’t been enabled yet on Maps.


Weird. No idea why, but YouTube AND Maps consistently appear PiP for me if they’re in main focus and I tap home button. I opted in to Oreo Betas way back. Maybe I’m on a newer than release Beta…? I am subscribed to Google Music, thus Red.

Build: OPR6.1706.23.011 w Developer Options Enabled.


Maybe I’ll just opt for the “embed a phone chip and SIM in your cranium” option. Though updates might be painful.


Hoping the Moto X4 supports project Fi , rumors back in June say it will might.

My Nexus 5x is still going strong, but I would like a upgrade option if it breaks that isn’t a $600+ pixel phone. :p


Bunch of info on Oreo.


Looks good. Now comes the six month wait game (or longer) for my Samsung.


List of devices that are upgrade eligible to OREO.


Yay, Nexus 5X is there under LG, and Nexus 6p is there under Huawei. Looks like my brothers and my dad, who all have Nexus 6 are out of luck. I figured they’d been out for over 2 years so they would no longer get future updates. It’s still a shame to see that happen though. They were all still pretty happy with those phones.

Btw, my OnePlus One hasn’t received any updates since Cyanogen Mod went kaput, but I’ve generally been pretty happy with the final version of Cyanogen Mod that they ended up with. I don’t use it as a phone but as a mp3/audiobook player, and as such it has served me really well.


It seems from that Ars Technica article that a lot of the new features are only really going to benefit users when app developers start targeting Oreo, so in practice, not until Android P/Q is released.


Yeah, that’s just the realities of Android. But they are trying to fix that, so maybe when P is released you’ll see more than 5% of the userbase upgrading in the first month.


I believe that the changes to how various things work under the covers is going to have automatic and immediate improvements to things like battery life.

We’ll see though… I should be getting Oreo on my 6p this week.


If you have poorly behaved apps on your phone, and those apps upgrade to target Oreo, then yes. Big ones like Facebook will upgrade, but the old games and weather apps or whatever you have on page 9 of your apps list won’t.


Well, even if apps aren’t targeting 8.0, you can manually impose the new background app restrictions on them.

This isn’t guaranteed to WORK of course… meaning that it may break those apps… but it will give you the ability to force some restrictions on apps that are wasting cycles in the background.


Yeah, if you go through to page 9 of your list and impose the restrictions, that will work. But saying it’s “going to have automatic and immediate improvements to things like battery life” is a bit optimistic.


Ah, yeah, I guess it’s explicitly NOT automatic… I meant more that it’d have benefits that I can impose, without needing to wait for apps to update themselves.


just replace cm with lineage.