Android - what's in your pocket?


Ohhh, this looks nice, are these simply flashable ROMs?


It’s the official continuation of CM. Yes, you will have to do a 1-time do-over I think as with all switching ROM distros. Will require CWM recovery or TWRP as per usual…


Got my Essential today! So far am loving it! Screen size is crazy given its size.


Mine was set to ship and I actually canceled.

Basically decided I can manage another six months to see what the Pixel 2 brings and whether or not the GS9 is anything worth my time.

I want something I can feel good about getting at least another two years out of.


Nice, please keep posting impressions! Especially of daylight screen readability and the camera.

I’m going to be upgrading sometime soon (just waiting for announcement / reviews of the Pixel 2 XL before deciding).


So far I like the camera a lot!


Cool! That was one of the things reviews complained about, but hopefully that was just due to a beta version of the camera software.





I want that kitty!


You cannot has, he is mine.


Seriously though, loving this phone and it’s camera.


So folks, and suggestions on what to do with a new battery? Do I let it drain all the way and charge it all the way, or vice versa? I worry I hurt my battery of my last phone by obsessively charging it.


just use it brian, don’t leave it in charging all the time or you’ll burn through it’s li-ion cycles.

there’s no more full recharge discharge thing needed like you did for nicad or nimh.


Do I let it drain all the way and charge it all the way, or vice versa?

The opposite. Try not to let the phone get to 0%.

If you want to be super crazy you’d charge it from 20% to 80% every day instead of 100% but there’s no easy way to do that so I wouldn’t worry about it. In general just let it get down to 20 or 30 and then charge it. Better than charging it from 80 to 100 over and over.

The phone will tell you it’s at 0% when it’s really not, which will generally protect from any damage you might do, but I’ve read that it still helps to give it a larger margin for error and charge it at say 20%.

One small thing that might help is turn off any quick charging features – or use a low power USB charger that doesn’t support them. You can still quick charge when you are genuinely in a hurry, but if you’re just putting your phone on a charger at night it probably only hurts. This is the only thing I do myself because I’m only charging at night anyway.


Alright, thanks guys, it’s charging now, I’ll try not to let it get to 0, and I’ll see if it has any quick charging that I can turn off. I didn’t see anything about that but I’ll look again. Thank you!


Well, so far no issues with readability.


I’ve heard that Google is giving Nexus 6p owners who got stuck with a bad battery or infinite reboot loop a Pixel XL 128Gb phone as a replacement.

Suddenly I’m jealous and looking at my 6p going “why can’t you have been defective too?”


So folks, does this look like a good car charger? I’m about to buy it, but I thought I’d ask. My current one barely charges the phone while using Waze, for example.


Aukey is a decent brand. One of the many ones that sell almost interchangeably the same stuff from Shenzhen. One tiny notch below Anker who has considerable North American support resources.


Looks like it would power a Nintendo Switch, which should obviously be your primary consideration.