Android - what's in your pocket?


Awesome, sold, thanks guys!


I had the G2 and it was a really terrific phone. But after 2 years the screen began acting up, would not respond to touch properly. Ok, so I got the G3, truly awesome phone. Until it wasn’t–after 2 years, the screen started acting up-lots of white lines blurring the display.

I tried several youtube fixes, including placing a pad behind the motherboard and baking the motherboard for 8 minutes at 350 degrees…nothing helped.

So, I moved away from LG for now. Too bad, I really support the underdogs.

Went with the Moto G5Plus. Unlocked for $225 so I don’t feel bad about the amount of money out the window for a phone.


So wait, does this mean not to use the charger it came with? I can’t find anything about quick charging in the settings.


Yes he’s saying use a slower charger, you can’t control it in the settings.

That being said I’ve never slow charged my phone. But it has battery issues (widely reported though).


So wait, I shouldn’t have purchased that car charger then? I’m so confused.


According to him, you shouldn’t use it. I use it no problem.

Actually I bought a similar charger but the cable was built in which I did because I’m a cheap bastard and having to buy the usb-c cable separately was more expensive.

I did make sure to grab one which was recommended by that Google engineer fella since at the time I bought mine many chargers were out of spec and could break things.

Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much, you’re going to drop it in like 2 years anyway


Yeah, you’re right.




I know I know, I’m sorry, just…new toy, wanna take care of it.


If there’s no option to disable it (there is on my S8) you could use the charger it comes with when you need the speed, and a regular USB-C cable overnight.

When you plug in the phone it should give you an estimate for how long it takes to charge and this should be a bigger number with some chargers that aren’t the one it comes with. I think the Essential can charge to 50% in like 15 minutes or something crazy?

I wouldn’t sweat it. Just if you were looking for something that might not be a battery myth, charging slowly is generally still considered better for battery lifespan.


Did you try drilling tiny holes in the screen?


I am waiting for the V30 to release to replace my Galaxy S7. It supports the new band for T-mobile so as they build up their infrastructure I might one day get better reception at my house! Also, screen, video, camera all look great.


Yeah, I’m surprised myself, but looking forward to this (at the moment) more than the Pixel 2.

V30 seems to hit all the right buttons. Nice screen, great camera (w/ a nice wide angle feature), the T-Mobile LTE band support, wireless charging, nicely placed fingerprint ID button on the back, expandable storage, minimal manufacturer bloat, and not only a headphone jack, but a super nice quality Audio DAC to boot.


I’m not buying gold-plated speaker wire any time soon or anything, but how do you determine the quality of a phone’s amp? Some years ago HTC tried to make a big deal out of their preamps, but IIRC it was just a higher output wattage which isn’t all that helpful in terms of sound quality.


I don’t know to be honest. I’m not an audiophile, but in a couple of early previews, reviewers praised the quality.


I for one welcome our new aurally stunning overlords.



The fact that they’re making a point of even marketing a quality headphone DAC at least separates them from the pack of manufacturers pushing that dongle life.


Have they given a price yet? It is the only phone on my radar to eventually replace my LG G3, but I fear it’ll be priced into the stratosphere since Apple made that the thing to do now.


I think that only works for monitors.


Rumours are that it will be around $800.