Android - what's in your pocket?


Well… better than the $1000+ that some of the other want. Depending on the deals when I do switch, I could see going with a cheap G6 instead, or even a Moto Force or whatever it is.


I"m definitely waiting a month or so for Android releases to sort out before replacing my HTC One. I wonder if the release of new fancy-schmancy phones will drive down the price of current gen phones enough to make them an attractive buy? And is that a good idea, in terms of Android support, etc., assuming I keep the phone 3-4 years?


My son’s LG G3 is still on kitkat. It is rooted, and I could flash him up to Marshmallow if I wanted (which is what I’m on myself) - but point is that ‘android support’ depends heavily on what you need. There is nothing his phone can’t do even on Kitkat - he just loses out of some of the minor improvements like permissions/notification handling.

Er… guess what I’m saying is that having the latest and greatest is overrated depending on your use. But possibly find one that can be rooted so you have the option of upgrading it beyond what the vendor supports (the LG G3 can run a stock LG G5 rom thanks to crazy hacker types).


The Pixel XL dropped from $769 to $569 in August, though right now it’s back at the original price. The regular Pixel also had a temporary price drop. I would expect both of them to go on sale again once the Pixel 2 comes out.


Cool, I’ll just hang on and wait then. In no real hurry.


Yeah, good luck with that price range.


And $649 for the non-XL makes it likely I’ll be moving off Project Fi next upgrade.


Yep. My 6p was expensive enough thankyouverymuch.

I categorically refuse to pay $850 for a phone. That’s fucking insane. These people paying $1000+? What?

Only reason I got the 6p is because I needed it for consulting productivity and they were paying me enough at the time to swallow the cost.


Wowie, I don’t think the Essential costs that much unlocked, and it comes with 128gb standard.


Yeah, those prices would probably take it out of consideration for me. I don’t want to have to think about storage, so I’m not considering non-expandable 64GB, which means $950 for the upgraded version.

I was prepared to consider sacrificing the headphone jack to get fast OS updates and no bloatware, but not when it would also cost hundreds of dollars more than the competitors.

Nobody really seems to quite have the full package of features I want this time around, sadly.


If it helps, it actually is possible to use Project Fi on a non-Google phone. I have a secondary line on a Moto E4, for example. But you give up dual band access, and only get Tmobile for coverage. I think you also lose wifi calling. And obviously it’s not supported.


Flipped my OnePlus 5 at a loss. Loved dash charge but didn’t like direction Android is going.


In what way, out of curiosity? The changes in Oreo to increase modularity and OS update speed seem like (long-overdue) positive developments to me.


I don’t like the lack of a successor to the Nexus program for affordable flagships with the Pixel line taking a different route to distinguish the hardware/software.


Amen, brother.


I definitely agree with that sentiment, though it raises the question of what you’ll replace it with, given that the OnePlus 5 seems like the most creditable effort at an affordable flagship currently on the market.


I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus at the moment.


rei is down to 3 android phones in his pocket, red alert


Some engineer at Google probably just blew chai tea all over his screen.

Chai tea or some other fancy sounding thing that a chef would produce. Not Mountain Dew or whatever. Soylent, maybe?

There’s Kombucha all over that monitor! Erm…

I have no idea what developers are like at Google.


Probably La Croix.