Android - what's in your pocket?


Your idea of affordable is apparently quite different from mine.

$744. Wow, too rich for me.


Starting at $479.


That’s some random reseller. The MSRP for the base model is $479.


As far as I can see there’s no way to tell which version (international, us, GSM, CDMA, etc.) you’re getting when ordering from, or can you?


Edit: These devices now have antennas for ALL of those bands, they don’t split into multiple SKUs for multiple antennas. So there usually aren’t separate versions for US/International or GSM/CDMA.



Cool. I did not know that. Thanks for that info.

Edit: Oh, not “compatible” with Verizon. Oh well…


Jesus scrolling backwards in Discourse is a fucking abomination. Anyways, as if solely to appease me, Google announced the Moto X4 was available for preorder today. $399, 32GB only.


That’s interesting, a $399 Android One phone. Looks like they’re positioning A1 away from being cheapo devices for 3rd world countries towards being, well, Nexus devices. Designed and produced by third parties but running stock Android and updated directly by Google.


LOL there are a number of days where I’d like to preface my post with the same text! :)


It’s so goddamned bad


It doesn’t seem so bad until ya get to the loading part, but that doesn’t seem too bad either. Am I missing something?


When scrolling up significantly, the difficulties Discourse has in calculating post size on the fly mean that it will suddenly scroll up or down by 2-5 posts as it loads in older content and readjusts itself, oftentimes causing me to miss the post I was scrolling up to find in the first place.

If only mankind had achieved some means of breaking textual content down into regular subdivisions for easier navigation, alas. . .



I’m far less interested in moving back to vBulletin than I am in having Jeff admit he’s fundamentally wrong about endless scroll ;-)


Most of my problems with the infinite scroll could be solved if the loaded area in the DOM was 10x bigger, so for small scrolling it’s just regular scrolling.


Back to phones…

How is Google’s Project Fi service? I have Verizon (no contract) right now but wouldn’t mind switching if it’s good. My Galaxy S4 is getting a bit long in the tooth so looking for a decent replacement and the Moto X4 looks like it would fit the bill nicely.


Project Fi mostly uses Tmobile and Sprint (it switches to whichever signal is stronger) as well as wifi calling. Wifi calling works OK usually, though it can take longer to connect (ie a few seconds of “Hello? Hello?” when picking up).

Comparisons to Verizon depend a lot on your location. For instance Verizon here is better in rural areas, but worse at my workplace. YMMV.

Finally, Project Fi has great support. They are easy to get on the phone, and very willing to ship overnight replacement phones, SIM cards, etc.


I am a hateable citybaby, but I love (if I had to check a box on a note passed to me from @BrianRubin about whether I loved Starlancer or Project Fi more, I’d check Project Fi even though it would hurt me to do so) ahem I love Project Fi.

That said, I tend to have about 0.4GB of cell data usage per month. Because the Assistant is always like, “Ey man, don’t worry, I found this Wi-Fi network for you to download all your podcasts and your reddit lulz on. It’s fine.”

Have I mentioned that I love Fi? I love it so.


I also like Fi a lot. I’m glad they are working on keeping some more affordable phones available for it, because that was my major beef. If Fi was simply the network for the Pixels, then I was going to have to leave it.