Android - what's in your pocket?




So other than the ‘32GB only’ part, how is this Android One program inferior to other Android phones? It has an SD card slot, so the 32GB storage shouldn’t be a big deal. Looking at the specs on the Project Fi website, I did notice that when compared to Google’s Pixel, it has support for a LOT less bands. The pixel lists like a hundred of them, and this Moto X4 only lists about 20 bands or so.


I’m not sure where the inferior idea came from; Android One is simply their branding for the stripped down, no bloatware Android experience. It also feels like the spec sheet on the X4 is incomplete. The battery specs for example only show mAh where the other 3 phones go into detail on what that means for talk and video time.

Re: Fi – Great plan if you can WiFi at work but their price per GB has not kept up with the changing packages from the big providers. Anything over 2GB a month or so and it’s a hard sell.


How… is this possible.


That’s how Fi works for me too… It’s only when I’m on travel and spending a ton of time actually driving around or something that I end up eating up actual cell data… average bill for Google Fi is like $30 a month.

WiFi data usage tends to be like 8-10Gb every month.


Same here. My average bill is $44 a month, and that’s for both my wife and I.

I was just wondering if there was a catch. I know this will be the first Android One phone for the U.S., so I was just wondering if there was some aspect of it that I didn’t know about.

That might explain why their bands supported is so small compared to the Pixel.


I checked the Project Fi website, they are offering me $209 for my Nexus 6p 32Gb if I take the offer before October 5th, towards the Moto X4. So the phone would cost me $189 if I turn in my old phone.

Any opinions? Does that sound like a good deal?

My instinct is telling me the 6p is working just fine, I should stick with that for another year. Of course, I’m pretty sure they won’t offer me anything for this phone next year.


I just got a $200 bill from AT&T for one line… so, yea. (There were upgrade fees and crap on there, to be fair). I might have to cross the Rubicon and try out Android…

OTOH, i was using 26gb/month on AT&T Unlimited…(and tbh i don’t really know how.)


Translated to Project Fi, that would mean $260/month just for your data.


Yep, that’s… a lot. Part of it is i do live in the middle of nowhere and i have been driving around a lot recently. I mean i just drove to and from Houston, 8 hours away, in three days and it’s just nbd, because Texas.


My Fi-enabled 5X is worth $165 counting the credit, so you might get more than you think in a year’s time.


I suppressed my gag reflex enough to buy a OnePlus 5 (cheapest model) for testing. So if I ever want to be depressed, I can just grab it and start trying to do anything with the web and marvel at how slow Qualcomm hardware… still… is.

I really, really want to ditch the ancient Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 I’ve been using for testing. Anyone want them for cost of shipping, say $10? Otherwise I’m leaving them on the curb for free. Android is great you guys! Sign up for this amazing offer! A N D R O I D – B I T C H E S


I’d take the N7 off your hands for the cost of shipping, sure.


OK, well, whoever wants it can PM me.


I was looking at Project Fi and it actually seems now it might be a good fit for me, as the coverage map seems ok for my level of use and I typically use 1/10 of our shared 1GB data limit. It would save a ton of money…except my wife has a one-year old S7 Edge. Me, I could easily get a new Fi-approved phone, but unless we could sell hers and convince her to switch (long, long odds on that) I’d not end up saving much after all as I’d have to keep the Verizon line for her.


There’s two perks for project fi as opposed to just getting Tmobile $50 plan:

  1. keep using Hangouts on the PC so I can SMS at work easily.
  2. cheap international data. For when you want to catch pokemons while on vacation.


You get free international data with most plans on T-mobile.


Looks like Essential may not be long for this world. Only sold 5,000 phones.

That’s the problem with Android, everything is so generic. Everyone is using the exact same shit Qualcomm chipsets (my #1 beef by far), the exact same OS, the exact same displays, the exact same memory and flash configs… why the hell would I buy an Essential phone when I can get the OnePlus 5 cheap and it’s the exact same god damn thing?


Well crap, I really like this phone. :(


Commodified hardware may be bad for marketers but as a consumer it’s great. No need to think, everything is going to be what I expect. Hard drive busted, who cares, get a new one for $50 and it works.

Hell, the reason I keep getting Nexus phones is I don’t want to bother learning what tweaks Samsung or whatever do to their phones.