Android - what's in your pocket?


Did you sideload Oreo, or have some 5x started getting it over the air?


I did the Oreo beta signup thing. I swear my 5x battery life has doubled.


Grr. My Nexus 5X has had the battery drain issue that seems to crop up on some of them, persisting beyond even factory resets. It lasts about 16 hours, no matter what I do. It makes me so sad. It used to be that I could leave it on my end table overnight and it would go from 99% to 96%. Now it would be half dead.



I checked mine, its been off the charger for almost 12 hours, I made 4 phone calls and played music for about 30 mintues. Battery is at 82%.


I got a new Android 7 phone and miss Windows 10 Mobile. :(

Things were simpler, but the apps were few. (The old device itself had some infuriating quirks too.)


No Pixel event thread?

I might get myself a Home Mini, just to compare it with my Dots. Having proper find my phone functionality is worth a tenner on its own. Sounds like it can only integrate with other speakers via Chromecast though, which is a bummer.


Squeezy rumours confirmed! Also, I really hope you can switch off this always on display rubbish.


Not seeing anything so far that makes me want to upgrade from my Pixel 1…


Not even AR League?


And I’m not seeing anything at all that justifies the loss of a headphone jack, so LG v30 it is, then.


Hahaha, misleading with bar charts 101:


They just flipped over the number on the left, it’s really supposed to say 68. :P


The old Pixel actually scored 90 points on DXOmark.


Graph looks the same anyways. :P


My sentiments exactly (along with the lack of expandable storage and the inflated price).


Didn’t the Pixel cost more than this at launch? I can’t remember anymore. The price announcement on the iPhoneX has shattered my price expectations.

Edit: Looks like the original Pixel launched for the same price: $649 and up.


$410 trade in for Pixel XL…


The loss of a headphone is a big downer.

If the camera picks up from last year it’s a win. The Pixel 1 is just flat out better than iPhone 7’s camera.

The Pixel Buds realtime translation is flipping awesome.

I stuck the Echo in some corner room, and we’ve been using Google Home since last year w/ much better results. Not least because we have family subscription to Google Music, but Google’s assistant is just superior at answering questions. Assuming I want big brother to have more constant audio access to my home, I may pick up a Home Mini or two down the road.

EDIT: Nice early 1st look on The Verge.


$949 plus state tax to $410 in a year. So $45 a month in depreciation, or another way to look at it would be $45 a month to have the latest Google phone.

I got my Nexus 6 is April 2015 when it was $549, so I’ve paid $18 a month on average. Actually it should still sell for $100 or so, so $15 a month. Though that’s muddied by the fact that I got a discount and went on contract, plus I’m in Canada.

Not trying to make you feel bad, or change your mind, just trying to get my head around the cost.

I like it (the 2XL - the Pixel 2 looks ridiculous with its dated design, huge chin, and huge forehead), but it’s expensive. Plus if I spend so much on a phone, probably need the accidental damage coverage. $1,647 Canadian to be precise. Yikes.

Also single camera portrait mode is inferior to dual lens solutions.


Agree, the 2 looks ridiculously dated next to the 2XL. I don’t know if anyone other than Apple can get away with selling a flagship phone with those giant bezels in late 2017.

Also, I really like the pastel “kinda blue”. Pity you can’t get the 2XL in that color.