Android - what's in your pocket?



Better, yes, but I wouldn’t call it “ridiculously dated”. The iPhone 4 tinyphone form factor is what’s ridiculously dated. Were you also flipping tables over the OG iPad bezels?


It looks like all the phone “edge to edge” stuff (which is bullshit in all cases; more like “narrower bezel”) also makes the form factor ultra-widescreen, super tall but narrow. Unavoidable I guess.


Is it any different, software-wise, than the real time translation Google already offers? It wasn’t clear to me that there’s any material difference between using the Buds and using a Bluetooth headset and Google Translate.


I’ve never used a tablet one handed, nor used it as a means of sending frequent text messages, so no.

However, when a one handed device has a smaller screen, a bigger body and weighs the same as a flagship from 4 years ago, yes I think it’s fair to say it both looks and is dated. Oh, and it has a 10% smaller battery. Way to knock it out of the park Google.


I haven’t tried having a conversation using current solutions. Seems just to make the process easier. It listens to you when you touch your earpiece,.otherwise it listens via the phone and then sends the translation only to your earpiece.

You can kludge it together now, but alternating translation direction based on touching the ear bud, then vocalizing either in your ear or via phone speaker depending upon the audio source seems to make the process much easier.


Sure, I’m just wondering if the actual translation is any better, because it’s not that great now.


Well, it gets a little better all the time, but I don’t think this is a solved problem. Much like the years of Google 411 voice training jump-started their Google Assistant/Ok Google apps, I’d imagine wider adoption of translation efforts will result in accelerating the quality bumps.


The old ipad2/3/4 form factor also looks ridiculously dated when compared to new ones, yeah. That’s more the weight than the bezels, though.


The Pixel 2 continues the tradition of excellent camera, at least!


They are actually charging starting prices higher than the iPhone 8/Plus…yea that’s gonna make these things fly off the shelves.


But ditches the headphone jack. There is a pretty big uproar on the /r/android community about that.


That’s good to hear. I hope the community actually makes a successful stand. I’m not as upset over the headphone jack going away as I was over when smartphones in the early days started ditching FM/AM radio receivers. But no one took a stand then, maybe they will this time?


I never use my headphone jack now… I have bluetooth headphones.
Wired headphones are crappy.


All other things being equal, when bluetooth and wired headphones are at the same price point the wired headphones will offer better audio quality.

And be lighter.

And have a battery life approaching infinity.

Thanks though, excellent analysis.


My primary music use case with my phone continues to be playing music while navigating in my car, and GPS eats enough battery that I must charge while doing so. The bluetooth on my car stereo blows ass, so my exclusive option is to have a headphone jack and charging port available simultaneously. Until phones can offer that via stupid dongles, I’ll never consider buying a 3.5mm-less device for any amount of money.


And, in my hands, will have a damaged cord from getting caught on door handles.


Operator error. :)
Mine just get tangled up all the time.


Just a $45 dongle!


Ha! I had totally forgotten they did that! My first smartphone (if you could call it that) was something called an LG Dare, and it had a thing where you could listen to FM radio. I can’t remember if any of the early iPhones or Droids had that.


Yeah, my early phone had that too, but then I switched to the original Samsung Nexus phone from Google, and it didn’t have it, and meanwhile my Dad bought a phone from Huawei (who I had never heard of at that time) and it still had a FM receiver, and I was very jealous of his phone, even though it didn’t have the latest version of Android like mine did.


You need an iPhone then :). They have adapters that let you easily do what you need - phone lighting to USB power and audio splitter. Actually it’s arguably a better situation than you have now, since you only have one cable to plug into the phone when you get in the car instead of two.

I asked upthread if anyone could find an Android or USB C equivalent, but they don’t seem to exist yet. Maybe an issue with USB C.