Android - what's in your pocket?



@tmastern Dude are you teasing me :)? I was like “huh, that was easy”. But the link leads no-where, just the Google store. On the store I looked at Pixel 2 accessories, then Pixel 1 accessories, couldn’t find it. So then I found the Moshi website, and I still can’t find it. I don’t think a regular hub works either. Thanks


Well yes but I try very hard not to give Apple money :)


The link works for me, it takes me straight to the page for the adapter.


Does it actually do what we need? USB C in from the phone, USB A (or other) in from the car charger or power supply, and audio out? Can anyone provide a screenshot (I have spent maybe 30 minutes searching from Amazon to Alibaba and can’t find one).

The Google store link re-directs to the Canadian store, where it doesn’t seem to be offered. Thanks!

Edit: ok I found a link that actually seems to work for me:

It does seem to be the right adapter. Odd that there isn’t another version or supplier on earth, and it’s non on the Moshi website.


S8 and the Pixels:


But, if I do the same thing next year, and all things being relatively equal ($400 trade in, $950 phone), this years phone would only cost me $150( or $12.50/month). It would be crazy not to upgrade! :-)


That’s some very bad maths.


$400 trade in is quite generous on Google’s part; I got $400 from Amazon for my used iPhone 7 plus in a generic buy-back program. Buy outright price is $799 (64gb) so that would drop effective price to $399, divided by the number of months you end up owning the device…


That’s what my wife said when I tried to explain my theory to her…


But really, do you guys need to upgrade? I don’t see huge leaps in performance here. Why not skip a generation?


I fully plan on skipping this gen, and I’m already one behind (N5X).

As much as I enjoy tweaking wumpus’s nose about it, the (relatively) shitty single-thread perf and low RAM specs of current Android phones are kinda annoying and I don’t particularly feel the need to get a 10% or whatever bump at this price point.


What’s strange is that Snapdragon 835 and 820/821 all kinda cluster around a very wide range of 1900 - 1500 in Geekbench 4. The results are ALL over the map, with the OnePlus 5 with the newer Snapdragon 835 down around 1685 for no reason I can discern, and while the LeEco Le Pro3 is way up at 1813 with an older Snapdragon 821.

So TL;DR yeah performance is a complete crapshoot on Qualcomm currently with their last 2 chipsets (821 and 835).

However below that upgrading is a bit safer?

  • Once you get to the Snapdragon 650, you are looking at ~1370 or below

  • Once you get to the Snapdragon 810, you are looking at ~1250 or below

I guess if you went from an 810 or 650 to a high ranking 835 That wouldn’t be too bad … 1250 → 1800 is 1.4×


I understand each individual word, but when I read them all together, it’s just a bunch of miscellaneous letters! :-)


I’m probably going to pick up an XL2, but I’m going from an S7, so I already have skipped a generation, basically. I’ve been wanting a proper stock Android phone for years, but it’s never really lined up with my upgrade cycle before.


Well I bit the bullet and pre-ordered the LG V30, coming from a galaxy s7. I’ll let you know next week how it is.


Ah, couldn’t hold out! :)

I’ll probably do the same.


Yep, most of the BOGO deals means adding an extra line and I don’t want to do that right now.


I was thinking of going for a Google phone so I could switch us to Project Fi next year when my wife’s contract is up, but none of the Google phones seem to have SD card capability. The headphone jack isn’t as big a deal, as I have never stored music on or listened to music from a phone, but I always sort of hated Apple’s way of making devices have fixed memory amounts and I’m not fond of it with Google, either. Then again, in practical terms, I doubt that even a 64GB phone would ever get filled up with anything because I don’t do a lot of the things many people do. Also, the prices sure haven’t come down on the previous generation Pixel phones yet, making them not that attractive compared to the new ones.


It’s not a Google phone, but Motorola’s X4 that just came out is on Project Fi and takes cards to be able to get more memory.