Android - what's in your pocket?


Yeah, there’s nothing there other than “new phone sexiness” that makes me want to upgrade from XL1 to XL2.


I’ll take a gander. I’m just looking for something with a better camera and a bit faster performance than my HTC One.


I think i’m doing it, going from pixel 1 XL to 2 XL.

  • Water resistance
  • Always on display (i like it)
  • Slightly faster
  • Slightly more minor features

I wasn’t planning to do it, but google will give me $400 for my phone, so it becomes more reasonable.


I don’t think I can get more than $25 for my phone…


The HTC One was an awesome phone. First time Android really stepped up to the big leagues. I just dug one out of the bin and passed it down to someone who needed a temp phone.

It was a great design for its time, but man are you in for a treat, specifically w/ cameras, if you get a 2017 phone.


That’s one of the big reasons I want to upgrade. I don’t want to “finance” the phone through Verizon, though, because I want to get off of Verizon and onto something like Fi next year. But, realistically, I can’t justify $800 for a phone, especially when in the back of my mind (irrational as this is) I know that whatever I get will be inferior in measurable ways to the iPhone offerings. Not that I want an iPhone, quite the opposite in terms of my desire to move away from Apple’s ecosystem, but knowing that in terms of dollars/capabilities Apple has Android beat grates on me, even if I personally probably wouldn’t care about the differences. Sounds weird, but when spending a lot of money you like to think you are getting value for your bucks.

Right now, spending $800+ for an Android phone feels like paying $50,000 for a Ford instead of the same for an Audi.


I loved my 1st-gen HTC One, except that it had the over-heating camera issue. So after about a year the camera was essentially useless. I’m on Fi with a Nexus 5x now and perfectly content to pay them just under $30/month. The 5x camera is fine for random stuff. When I want real photos I bring a real camera.


Don’t let the Qualcomm drawbacks fool you. The limitations of the chip are real, but the manifestation is only that it’s holding back aspirational potential of the phones and what they might be able to do if the speed/power of the Apple chips was ubiquitous among all mobiles.

Grabbing any modern Android flagship is going to feel super fast at everything


Yup, this new phone of mine feels speedy and slick as hell.


Oh, I fully agree that in practice whatever I get will be better/feel faster than what I have now. No argument there. But ideally I’d still like something under the leading edge price point.


Moto phones still have the FM radio I believe. At least my moto x play does. Never use it though.


New Moto G5 owner (old phone died). It seems to have a radio.

I’m sad to admit that I thought of Wumpus as I happily purchased a phone with a Snapdragon 625.


Yeah, I was going to those shady websites yesterday which have so many ads they choke even adblockers, for the purpose of looking up features of the Moto X4 that just came out which works with Project Fi vs my current Nexus 6p. And I was surprised to see that the Moto X4 has an FM receiver. Honestly, if I’d seen this list before October 5th, when I could get an extra $50 trade-in for my 6p, I would probably have pulled the trigger.



Ehhhhh not so much my friend. Maybe if you aren’t sensitive to speed and have not used a recent Apple device.

Speed is just OK on the oneplus 5, which I do own. I wouldn’t say it is slow, but it’s not fast per se. Depends on your point of reference and context though!


He’s going from a 1st generation HTC-One. That’s the context that mono was using.


Well yeah that’s a 738 on geekbench 4. So you would be more than doubling your score. Absolutely noticeable. My bad.


I’ve never used any form of iPhone, nor have I even used my wife’s Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. I’m pretty sure anything I get, when I finally get something, will feel fast compared to my current 2014 phone!


Problem is, it all seems nice and fast at first. A couple months later and stuff’s noticeably laggy, especially just after waking. Galaxy S8.


For my Nexus 6p, this period last 3 days. Because 3 days after I got the phone, Google introduced their Wallpaper, and google wallpapers were so gorgeous, I just had to use them. But they were designed for the new Pixel phone, so my 6p choked on them from the beginning. So those 3 days were the only time my 6p didn’t feel like a slow sluggish phone. Damn you Google Wallpaper. Why did you have to be so pretty?