Android - what's in your pocket?


I looked at those Geekbench browser rankings for Android. Geez, my phone is old and slow. And geez, despite costing an arm and a leg, the new Pixels still lag behind the Samsung phones. And what the hell are all those other phones we apparently don’t get here?


Oneplus captures a distressing amount of telemetry without notifying the user or offering any way to opt-out, including every app you run, your phone number, IMEI, serial, etc. If you own a Oneplus device I strongly suggest running the pm disable command from the link.


Nice battery test here between the LG V30, Note 8, Iphone 8+ and Sony Experia:

My V30 should be arriving int he next few days, looking forward to it!


Does this device only work with Google phones, or any Android phone? Also, is there a docking solution (car or otherwise) that works for multiple different Android phones? I guess Bluetooth would be a more versatile solution.


Not sure if this still holds true but when I tested both Android and iPhone extensively a few years back (I think between iPhone 6 vs Nexus 5x) I noticed that the iPhone holds the battery charge longer after 1-2 months of usage compared to the Nexus Phone.

I wonder how that can show up in review testing when there is so much focus on timing to device launches?


I would assume that anything type C would work, but I don’t know that for a fact.
Bluetooth only works for phone calls in my car, so I’m stuck using the AUX port and a generic phone clamp for my setup…


Well I have had the LG V30 for 24 hours now and very happy so far. I haven’t really been on LTE today but the phone has been off the charger for 12 hours now apart from 15 minutes in the car while I was using Android auto. While typing this I am on 63% battery, almost two hours of onscreen time today.
The screen is great and super responsive, slightly quicker than the Samsung S7 that I came from.
Big thumbs up from me so far.


Does the quad DAC result in noticeably improved sound quality for you?

That and the screen quality are the two things that the reviews seem to be very mixed on, with some saying the screen is great but the sound enhancement is unnoticeable, and others saying that the screen is horribly grainy but the sound is amazing. Hoping that the screen issues are just a few bad units rather than universal.

I’m leaning toward either that or the Note 8 for my next phone, possibly coming down to what the deals on each are looking like over the next month or so. Sprint is doing a 2-for-1 deal on the V30+, which would be perfect if I knew someone else who wanted one, but probably isn’t worth the hassle and fees of trying to resell to a stranger.


Haven’t tried it yet, will later. The screen is very nice for me although I heard there were some quality issues. Here are some photos I just took with the two lenses, everything on auto.


Sounds like we can expect Google to progressively add more custom chips to its phones to offload AI and VR tasks from the CPU. The Pixel 2’s sounds like a pretty cool first step for photos:


Happily, it seems that the latest Android 8 update has fixed this problem. Back to long standby life for the 5X!


Android 8 for the 5X you say? You have to opt into a beta release or something for this? I haven’t seen any OTA updates to Android 8 for my 6p or 5X yet.


I opted into beta before the official release, and have been on that path since. My wife hasn’t, though, and just got the Android 8 release for her 5X, so it should be coming soon one way or another.


My 5X got Oreo OTA last week. I’m not on beta or anything.


So, I dropped and pretty completely shattered my phone (Droid Turbo, FWIW), which was getting pretty long in the tooth anyways. For various reasons I had a spare (2015-era) Moto X sitting at home, so I switched over to that for the time being, but it looks like I need a new phone in the near future.

Would it be stupid to buy anything other than one of the flagships? I was considering just getting a Pixel 1, but there isn’t really a significant discount against the pixel 2 (maybe that will change post-release?), so it seems like I should just get this year’s release for the minimal price difference.

Aside from battery life, I’m actually pretty ok with the Moto X, so I can wait for a couple of months for stock levels to settle down on this generation if necessary.


Unless cost is an extreme limiting factor, I would only buy a very recent flagship Android. You’ll ensure you get security and OS updates for as long as possible, earn the least possible judgment from @wumpus for your chipset, and ensure the largest possible upgrade in various features that Matter (camera quality, screen quality, RAM, etc.) over your older device (whereas a cut-rate non-flagship may have a 2016- or 2015-era-level camera on it, for instance).


Yeah, that’s kind of what I figured. My usual approach for most electronics is to buy one step down from the top of the line, but I think that because of support cycles and tech development speeds, buying last year’s model is way iffy-er on phones.

Time to think about how badly I need a headphone jack I guess (I only use 1 set of headphones with my phone, so a dongle could just live on those…but it’s the principle.)


LG V30 baby!

Is what I’ll be saying to the TMobile rep in mid-January when my JUMP plan lets me upgrade the crappy S7E I was forced into last year. Goddamn I hate fucking curved screens.


My wife as the S7 Edge. I am nowhere near as enamored of it as she is, as I share your disdain for the curved glass. It is a far nicer phone than mine, however, as are of the S8s.


I also have a 5x (Fi) and the Oreo update showed up a couple of days ago.

My phone never had the ‘battery drain issue’ (son’s 6P had it bad - would both drain quickly and shut down while still claiming to have 20 - 60% battery remaining - new battery fixed it). I do have routine issues with something keeping the phone from going into deep sleep. Uninstalling the Weather Channel app helped, more recently uninstalling Star Realms helped, but there are probably more apps behaving badly. Here’s hoping Oreo has actually fixed the problem.