Android - what's in your pocket?


I’m having a hard time plunking down $800 for a flagship when I can get a V20 on Ebay new for $380


Lg v30 got savaged for very bad screen / display in the last review I saw. So be careful!


From what I can tell, it’s basically a generation or two behind Samsung OLED tech, which isn’t great, but also not cataclysmic. However, some very high percentage showcase a very noticeable grain effect when displaying solid colors and especially while scrolling over areas of solid color.

My hope is that by Q1 2018, they’ll have QC issues with their in-house OLED screens ironed out and I can enjoy a screen about as good or slightly less perfect than my S7E’s that is mercifully flat and able to be encased by a proper protective case unlike the shitty, side-less abominations you can buy for round-edged phones.


My S7 Edge case has sides. Thats half the reason I bought it, so I’d have something to grip.


Allow me to be more specific:

I want a case that has sides that extend beyond the surface of the screen so that when it falls flat, it doesn’t shatter. I’ve seen cases that extend over the screen on the top and bottom, but none that I’ve seen do so on the sides; they stop short where the screen curves down.


True enough, it doesn’t do that, but if it falls flat, the screen isn’t exposed, only if it catches the edge of a table or whatever. It’s survived literally being thrown onto pavement.


I’ve had two S7E’s shatter from straight-down falls onto the ground (tile floor and parking lot) from about 4 feet each time; my best guess is that being even slightly tilted at the moment of impact was enough to let screen make contact or at least place lethal stress on the glass at the contact point, which could be alleviated by a larger, more shock-absorbing case.


Yesterday I put Oreo on my 5X (which did not have any problems with battery drain or charging) and now I’m having battery issues. It’s definitely using the battery up faster, and where I could connect it to my computer using a regular USB cable and get a decent charging rate, doing that now seems to only barely overcome the drain. I plugged it up an hour ago and my battery went from 41% to 46%, with 13 hours remaining to full charge. I’m sure I can do better on my regular charger that came with the phone, but there’s definitely something going on with mine now. I’m holding off on updating my wife’s 5X until this gets resolved.


I can’t see any noticeable screen issues with my V30 so I guess I’m just lucky.


I’ve had the Pixel 2 XL for nearly 24 hours now, and the screen hasn’t tried to kill me once…




I went to my Verizon account and found out (of course they never tell you, duh) that the plan we’ve had for a while now is, um, no longer offered, and of course is more expensive than the better plans they do offer now. So, of course I switched to one of the current plans, which as far as I can tell lowers my monthly bill for two lines by over $25 and doubles our data allowance. Go figure.

With that, I think I may just spring for a Pixel 2 from Verizon, paying for it over two years or whatever with them, as it’s highly doubtful I will be able to persuade my wife to ditch her like-new S7 Edge in April so we could go to Fi.


Bought a Pixel 2. So far, it’s nice. I like the form-factor, it feels solid, about the size of my old phone, responsive, nice screen.


Oh, and I found it a bit annoying that the phone, out of the box, can’t connect to my car for Android Auto because the USB-C cable (duh) doesn’t have a USB-A male end, and the adapter is purely male C to female A. Luckily a suitable cable is easily available for a few bucks but now I have to have a separate cable in the car instead of just having one universal type laying around.

OTOH, the phone is like light years better than my old one.


Just tried the quad dac with some decent over the ear headphones on the LG V30 and it’s amazing. Highly recommend to any audiophiles on here. You do need proper headphones though.


Just got a Galaxy S8. Significant upgrade over my ZTE Warp Elite.

Charging with the USB-C is very fast. The screen can support resolutions bigger than my pc monitor. The S8 also sends lots of metadata to the Bluetooth system in my car, which was one of the old phone’s deficiencies: out didn’t identify the song or artist, just said “music playing”… gee thanks for the great info, stupid phone. Finally, the S8 performs way faster. Oh, and the camera is much better than my old one… not sure how it compares to the apple stuff which is usually ahead of the competition.

I like it and appreciate that the form factor is slimmer than the Warp Elite, which was almost the same size but wider and featured a lot of wasted space with a large bezel at the top and bottom.

I do think the super high resolution is wasted on me as I much prefer watching movies on a big tv. Anyway I’ll run with this for a year or so and see how it goes.


Knock on wood, I think this may have resolved itself. Battery drain on my 5X under Oreo seems to have returned to at least something close to normal. May have just been a fluke.


Essential phone dropped to $499, which is a great price but how long will this company last? I can’t imagine investors are happy right now.


Yeah, two months ago…


Yeah, that has me kinda worried. I really love my Essential phone.