Android - what's in your pocket?


It comes with a USB C headphone jack adapter thing, but yeah. I just shelled out $20 for BT headphones and it’s been great.


Have you been happy with the battery life?


Super happy. Lasts a whole day with moderate to heavy use. I only plug it in at night and when using Waze in the car.


My own personal experience with the Pixel 2 XL is that if I hadn’t seen all the hoopla about the screen, I’d never know there was a thing wrong with it. I’m not saying everybody who has complained is wrong, but there’s nothing I’ve really noticed in day to day usage. Google is supposed to be patching in a color saturation option in the future, if that’s an issue for you. Plus you’ve got 15 days to return it if you don’t like it (probably more, given the publicity). I’d say, if you were interested enough to pre order, let it fly!


Doesn’t essential have a terribad camera? That should be a dealbreaker for most folks.


It was a software issue and had been fixed, from what I hear.


I’ve not had any issues with the camera.


I can’t recommend the V30 highly enough. Battery, camera and audio are all amazing.

Here’s the obligatory pet photo taken with the phone:






Yeah, from what I’ve read, the hardware is just fine. People were replacing the stock camera app with the Pixel one and getting much better results, and it looks like they recently put out a fixed version of the app.


I am still kind of wishing I’d gotten one. I may still in the end. I was hoping to hold off and cross my fingers that the GS9 wouldn’t be some stretched out monstrosity so I could just get a nice screen with a front facing fingerprint sensor and water resistance and wireless charging… But I don’t know how realistic that is. The awful candy bar stretch shit seems to be the new thing and I hate it.


I picked up the Pixel 2 for the translation bit with the Pixel Buds. My headphones should show up in mid-November, so I’ll let you know if it all works after that.


After much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth I re-ordered the Pixel 2 XL. I almost love everything about the Note 8. The hardware, the headphone jack, and the wireless charging are very appealing. I could learn to live with Touch Wiz. But, Samsung’s refusal to keep phones updated to the current Android version for at least 2 years crossed it off the list. If the Mate10 Pro had a headphone jack I might take a chance on it because the hardware is awesome and I think Huawei is committed to improving the software for at least 2 years. If I wasn’t enamored with wanting a larger phone the Essential would have probably been my choice.

Time will tell. It is good that the decision was a difficult one. I have been a Nexus guy since replacing my Droid RazrMax and it’ll be awesome the have phone with a really good camera for the first time. Maybe I’ll actually get in the habit of using it more ;)

Thanks for all the input!


Like you guys said above, Android 8.0 OTA update was indeed waiting for my wife’s Nexus 5X for her to approve a couple of weeks ago. She updated, and I haven’t heard any feedback from her, good or bad, so I suspect it’s not that big an update in terms of her daily use of the phone.

However, today, I got an update notification finally on my 6p! Yay. I’ll wait until I get home from work and upgrade it tonight. Hopefully I’ll actually notice a difference. Battery life on the 6p has been good, I can last most days at work without a charge, which is important because unlike micro-USB chargers, USB-C chargers still can’t be had for under $5. Hopefully the 8.0 update will give me more active battery life as advertised.


My 6P got the update a couple of weeks ago. I have been pleased with it. I cannot comment on battery life because my battery has been steadily heading south for a few months. I have the replacement battery sitting on my desk and I will do the swap once my XL 2 comes and seems all good for a few days. Man, I am not looking forward to the replacement. I know my shaky-handed, shitty-vision self is in for a bit of cussing.


Oh boy. Have you watched the videos for how to disassemble the 6P? I do all sorts of fixes myself, I’m very handy… and this phone is going to the shop if it needs a new battery. It is baddddd. It got a 2/10 from iFixit for repairability.

But good luck if you want to attempt. :)


Sadly, I have watched them. I am particularly worried about getting the battery out.

Thanks for the wishes.


This looks like something of interest. 8 gb of RAM and 4000 mA battery? Kind of cool.


First thought: Those bezels are HUGE particularly when they have on-screen buttons (a combination which is in my view utterly unforgivable).
Second thought: It weighs almost 200g.
Third thought: No headphone port.

Why would anyone buy it, particularly for 700 bucks?