Android - what's in your pocket?


The Essential is pretty much stock Android, FYI.


I agree that jack-lack is #userhostile. I have nice set of cabled ear buds and I am not willing to fork over the money for a nice set of bluetooth ones because I dropped enough on the phone already.


Yeah, I have a nice set of headphones that, all else being equal, I would prefer to continue using. It’s not an absolute deal-breaker, but I’m much more likely to forgive losing it in a budget option like the Essential than the stuff from Apple and Google that are pushing to new heights in price while simultaneously removing useful functionality.


I dislike the S8 personally, but it having dropped to $460 makes me dislike it a bit less. I’ve not yet seen an S8+ though - how much is the markup on that?


It’s an extra hundred. I looked at it but felt like it was an awkward middle ground between the budget S8 and the premium Note 8. But if you don’t care about the stylus, camera improvements, extra memory, etc. I could see it being a good option.


I have never seen those two words together before.


Heh, true, but once you’re shopping for a 2017 flagship, you can’t really get much cheaper (again, going by lowest available sale price, not MSRP).

After taking another look at it, though, I think I’m going to scratch it off my list. I can live with the curved edges on the Note8 because the screen is a good size, but on the S8 they make the already narrow body feel even narrower.


So has anyone with a Pixel 2XL tried the new screen modes yet? How do they look?


I am just now installing the OTA patch. I presume there is some sort of toggle? We’ll see, I reckon.

Edit: There are three radio buttons now: boosted, natural, and saturated. A plain white screen looks “normal” to me in boosted, natural looks a bit more blue, and saturated looks much more blue/yellow. The Monument Valley live wallpaper: boosted is noticeably more, uh, colorful than natural and saturated looks much brighter than the other two modes. I can see many more shades of red. At this point I think I’ll stick with saturated and thank my lucky stars I don’t have to rely on describing this stuff to keep food on the table.


I’m leaning heavily towards a V30 at the moment (I’m sour on Samsung, and I can’t quite justify the pixel 2). I guess I could look at the essential, but their future seems uncertain?

Any concerns about LG w/r/t ongoing support, updates, etc? They’ve been in the phone game for forever, but I don’t know how they are with their software support.


I have it and it’s great. LG are also offering an extended warranty of 2 years in the US. Big step up from my S7


LG (from G3 onwards) have had a history of bootloops with many affected.


I’m not sure how correct that statement is. I don’t think they have had that problem in the last couple of years.


I’ve got the G4 for nearly two years now. While the phone is great and I don’t suffer from the known bootloop issues, I’m still on Marshmallow with a year old security update and I don’t believe they’ll ever release another for my device. Additionally, with the locked bootloader, I am done with LG. Next phone will probably a Samsung S9 I’ll force my boss to pay for.


So after almost a week with the Pixel 2 XL…I am back to my Note 8. I took it on a trip, reached for my headphones, and remembered that I needed the stupid dongle to attach to the phone (that was 100% my fault). But the fact that I have to remember to use dongles just didn’t sit right with me. Once you see the blue tint, you can’t unsee it. Does not take much of an angle for the screen to gain the tint And I missed my microSD card expansion with my audio files.

My Pixel 2 XL is headed back to Google.


After a couple of weeks with my Pixel 2…I love it. Don’t use headphones (never have put music on a phone), 64GB is plenty for what little crap I store on the phone, particularly considering Google’s cloud storage, and the build quality, screen, and camera are really nice. Good size, nice heft but not too heavy, pretty much exactly what I wanted in a phone. For someone with my use pattern, I think it’s a great Android device.


Don’t get me wrong, Pixel 2 XL is a good phone (OS is very smooth and uncluttered). But I had to decide whether or not to add the cost of the Pixel and sell my Note 8 or just keep the Note 8. If the Pixel 2 XL had 256 or a microSD and Samsung’s screen, then my Note 8 would be for sale. On the flip side of that coin, if the Note had Pixel’s finger scanner placement and was as uncluttered as the Pixel, I never would have ordered a Pixel.


After finding out that Apple made my iPhone a brick with their new OS, perhaps this crowd can tell me what the best Android phones are for roughly $250 or so?

My apologies in advance if this has been answered. I just do not want to scroll though 1000 messages trying to find the answer.


Off the top of my head can you get a 1st gen Pixel for $250? Maybe on Gazelle or Swappa?


Motorola G5+ 32GB for $185 subsidized by Amazon ads is your best choice at that price point.

The ads are only on the lockscreen, and it has a fingerprint unlock so they aren’t too annoying. If you want to get rid of them it’ll be an extra couple bucks for the non-subsidized phone. I wouldn’t pay for the 64GB model as it has a SDcard slot so you can pop in a 128GB SDcard to store all your media.

The Amazon-subsidized LG Q6 is another option as it has a nice large low-bezel screen, but it has no fingerprint reader and c’mon, it’s 2017.

And finally if your budget stretches to $400, Amazon has the ad-subsidized LG G6, which is a flagship phone with a stunning screen, small bezels, fast CPU, and all the bells and whistles including a fingerprint reader. That deal is hard to beat-- this is an early-2017 flagship device.