Android - what's in your pocket?


V20s are also cheap now, @Daagar.


Not from Verizion (I know, I know, hush) - about the same as a G6 (which actually is a contender too, but the Play is still cheaper). I’ve come to realize I don’t use my phone for enough that demands it to be flagship. But thanks for pointing it out - looks like it is still a decent phone in the (what is now) mid-range category.


Pure curiosity here, but why are you limited to Verizon? I know that many places out west they have the best and sometimes only coverage. “Enquiring mind(s) want to know”!TM


HMMM great idea. I picked up a bunch of smart lightbulbs. Since it’s annoying to find my phone to dim the lights, I was looking into a separate control. It would cost $50 thought.

Let me see if I can find an old phone that still works!


No good reason - simply because my wife has us in the family plan, and we currently have 4 phones through them in varying states of being paid off. The hassle to switch, get new phones, etc., outweighs just sticking with it.


As a serial switcher of phones, I am AMAZED at how quick and responsive the Pixel 2 remains with the exact same hardware as the OnePlus 5 I owned after loading my 800 paid apps filling up 60% of the 64GB phone. Not sure if Android 8.0 Oreo or the custom tweaks Google made to the Pixel experience can take the credit.


Same here. I’ve had my 2 XL about a week and the responsiveness still surprises me. Particularly using the camera and typing (which I still suck at).


Ok, so unlocked Android phones. Both my wife and I are in Verizon pay as you go plans. I just got the Moto G5 which I like a lot, and for Christmas I want to get my wife an upgrade.

She takes all our family pictures on her phone and so the number one thing for her is camera quality and the speed at which it takes pictures.

She is expecting a $179 Moto G5 when they go on sale at Costco next week. But I want to surprise her with the best camera on the market, besides the Pixel 2 ($1100 is insane for a phone). What’s the best camera phone? I want to get something nice for her for once, right now she has a $60 LG K8.


Are there any promos that require you to have a “tab” or plan for 24 months but you can pay off the tab immediately?

That’s what I am doing. $300 off the $900 CAD Pixel 2 price if I stay on a $50+/plan for 24 months but I am planning to pay off my $600 “tab” next month so I would be out. $600 + $50 month of service.


$1100 is for the Pixel 2 XL with the most space (128GB). if you were going for something similar to the Moto G5 in terms of size, you could get the smaller Pixel 2 w/64GB for $650 plus tax.


Man that’s way better. That’s like a BoneX with a few controllers


Well, that’s creepy slash impressive. Always-on music ID.


It purportedly uses a locally cached music database, so isn’t always sending the ambient audio to the cloud.




OnePlus 5T announced, with the main change being a 6" OLED. $500 for the base model, $560 for the upgraded storage/RAM. No glaring flaws, though there are some question marks about the camera quality. Seems like a really solid alternative over paying list price for a flagship, though the black friday sale price on the Note8 is close enough that I’m leaning towards that for the better camera, larger screen, stylus, and not having to switch to a GSM carrier.


What’s the current skinny on the user telemetry data thing?


The Android Kindle app has been a thorn in my side forever. Yes, it is bloated and slow. And their Android team keeps redesigning the UI in ways that don’t improve the actual reading experience much, and they have yet to address the syncing issues I experience frequently. My Paperwhite never fails to pick up on the latest page read on my phone, but my phone is constantly ignoring or misinterpretting the latest page read, sometimes even when I reach the latest page on the phone itself and come back to continue a little later (no restarts or extended network disconnects). I’m constantly having to double-check whether a sync will actually take me to the correct place in the book. Argh.


The Android Kindle app is dogshit. Like literal dogshit. It’s like a dog literally shit on my phone. Everyone involved in its development should be embarrassed.

Someday there will be a credible alternative. Until then…a dog shit on my phone and I get to clean it off every day.


The engineer mode thing for OnePlus a complete non issue for me and not a security risk.


Weird, I use the Android Kindle app every day, and have never had a single issue with it. /shrug.