Android - what's in your pocket?


On iPhone, I use Marvin 3 for EPUB reading. Could you not convert your e-books, stripping the DRM in the process to load into a better reader like Bluefire or Aldiko Premium?


Bigger issue for One Plus:


Yeah, but volume is an issue for me. I read 2-3 books per week on average, and I’ve let my Calibre database languish because I just can’t bother. I could resume using that again and switch to Moon Reader instead or something, but I’m too lazy for all that bother these days. Maybe I should reconsider this.


It might be related to the combination of cell tower and wifi point placements, where I am during the day. My phone is constantly moving between various coverage areas, and I’m guessing the app just gets confused by something. That’s not a good excuse, but it’s the only (admittedly vague) explanation I can come up with.


Oh, I’m definitely not questioning your or other folks’ experiences–I’m sure the app is pretty crappy, because, well, most apps seem pretty crappy! Just my experience has been ok. Then again, all I do is read books. Pretty much nothing else, no audio, no comics, nothing like that.


Just to be clear, I’m okay on the “read books” part of the Kindle app.

The app also has access to the Kindle Store, to sell you more books. That’s the part that became cripplingly slow all of a sudden. Luckily there was another update that made it a little bit better. It’s still slow, but at least it’s not a complete slide show that doesn’t respond anymore.


Heh, on the actual Kindle (I have an older Paperwhite) it’s glacial slow. I only buy stuff via the website on my PC. The phone I would think would be faster than my Kindle at least!


Just picked up a Note8 thanks to Best Buy’s pre-BF $350-off deal bringing it down to $586.


does anyone know if the daydream vr (2016) is compatible with pixel 2?




Well, my Pixel 2 came with the Daydream app installed, so I guess yes. Seems a no-brainer, as it’s a Google app to begin with. Or are you asking about a specific version? Dunno about that as I don’t have a Daydream headset thingy.


I meant the headset thing!


I can only suppose so; it would be so weird if it wasn’t.


Ars has a review of the Oneplus 5T our. It actually looks pretty great, with a good camera and display. The last negative hanging over Oneplus seems to be the support period. My guess is it wouldn’t get Android P, but would get security updates for a couple years at least. @Rei you interested enough to bite and provide a forum review?


I had the 5 and was always DIY on the latest community beta which meant latest security patches all the time.


OnePlus lets you unlock the bootloader so if you’re a sophisticated user you can just install LineageOS. Not to imply that official support doesn’t matter, it totally does.

That said, the essential phone is the same price, and it has much smaller bezels, similar specs, water resistance, and stellar build quality. But reportedly a mediocre camera.


While OS updates are just a little slower on OnePlus than Nexus/Pixel, I would trust them to be around longer than Essential at this point.


Essential bootloader is also unlocked, so depending on your sophistication and how long you plan to keep the phone, you may not care.

There’s also the amazon LG G6+, a true flagship phone with a great camera and front-facing speakers on sale for a whopping $449.

Great options on the android side for around five hundred bucks these days.


How dare you.


Whoops. Work got me an 8+ so time to toss my Pixel 2 and 7+.