Android - what's in your pocket?


I’m in the market for two budgetish phones. These are a bit less then I was planning on spending (I was planning on spending about $200.)

I guess my main concerns are camera and security updates. I would prefer to have a decent processor, which is the only reason why I haven’t taken a serious look at the nokia 6, and I would prefer to have a 5.5 inch screen, so the 5th generation Moto G is somewhat lacking.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated.


The Moto G5 Plus seems about as good as you can get in that price range.


Essential phone + 360 camera $399


Oh god, here we go again.

My nexus 6p had gotten a little bit worse over time about how long it lasts for me without charging. But the Oreo update recently was a huge battery saver. I could last throughout the day at work with heavy usage for work without even getting to 30% by the time I got home.

But today, for some reason, the battery got drained big time. I was down from fully charged at 7:30am when I left home, to 37% left by 11:30am. The battery page says 13% was used by Whatsapp. I can’t not use Whatsapp, that’s the app I use most of the time to collect paperwork and consolidate the data from my customers. I restarted the phone and put it battery saver mode. Hopefully it can last me another 5 hours at work. And hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. This is always the reason I’m forced into getting a new phone every 2 years. This and forced reboots, which luckily haven’t started yet.

EDIT: Restarting the phone and putting it into power save stopped the bleeding, so to speak. During the last 90 minutes, the phone has used almost no juice.


The battery life on these is incredible. My partner has one since February and she gets 6-7hours screen-on-time without even trying.

Camera is good during the day, and about equal with my Moto Z at night. Better than the Moto Z if you use manual controls.


The good news for Essential keep pouring in.

(Note: it’s not about harassment, but him having been in a relationship with an employee working in the same department way back a Google.)


Shit. I just ordered one of these. Love the size. Worried about the company surviving long enough to have support by the time it reaches me! (International order, will take 2 weeks.)


Ugh. That’s not good. I would personally think it was effin’ awful if it he was with Marissa Mayer /shudder.


Still super happy with my Essential. Just saying. :)


My Moto G5 Plus just showed up today. Amazon had them on sale for $169 last week. You cannot get a better phone for a cheaper price, in my opinion.


Appreciate that. I did my homework, so I’m certain I’ll love it out of the box. Just hoping the software updates continue over a reasonable time frame.

Although some analysis have said since Amazon is an investor the chances of Essential really folding rapidly are low - more likely they’ll just be subsumed.


I think Essential has plenty of runway left.


I just got a Moto G5 a couple weeks back, as my iPhone was having issues and I didn’t want to pony up a bunch of cash again. It’s my first Android phone.

Pretty happy with it so far. Honestly, I don’t even feel like I have to append ‘for the price’ to any praise I might give it. Just seems like a good phone.


i just picked up this phone. I was hesitant to switch to Android from iPhone, and even more nervous about buying a “budget” phone but so far I have no regrets. It’s totally solid… maybe a tad bulky compared to higher end bezel-free models, and maybe missing some of the flashier features that I don’t really care much about. I’m floored by the amount of money I saved. It’s a good phone, and for the price it’s a great phone.


So far, after a month or so with my Pixel 2, I’m quite pleased. It’s so much nicer to use than my old phone, though it’s actual voice (non-Bluetooth) capability is only marginally better than the HTC I had, especially in how hard it is to hear anything. But I think that is simply an artifact of how phones have tiny little ear hole thingies.


So I was wondering why I couldn’t figure out a way to do Picture in Picture on Android Oreo. So I just went looking on the web.

I found this:

So that explains a lot. For Youtube PiP, you need a subscription to Youtube Red or Youtube TV for PiP to work. They might add it for non-subscribers at a later time. For Netflix, you need Android 8.1, it doesn’t work on 8.0.

So no wonder I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I figured they would make such a feature easy to figure out. It’s just not here yet.


The Kindle app sync issues I mentioned upthread have gotten worse. Fails to sync with the cloud 100% of the time now, and it’s starting to forget its own location info. Uninstalled/reinstalled, issue remains. This is absolutely killing my reading experience and pretty soon I’ll probably have to start carying my Paperwhite around or something.


Think I had a problem where stuff would unsync or sync to wrong place long ago. I deactivated all devices, reregistered.

Ah link doesn’t work, google for it.


So my son needs a new phone…
…and I’m really not trying to spend more money than I absolutely have to. Free is ideal. Of course, I live in the real world and understand that’s not gonna happen. Still, to give you an idea on how we do phones (ride 'em till they die), he’s coming off an S4.

He wants a good camera (kid takes pictures like there’s no tomorrow) first and foremost, it has to work with Verizon, and I’m avoiding refurbished because reliability is crucial.

Any thoughts?