Android - what's in your pocket?


My Nexus 7 2013 got so slow as to become useless, because every time you turned it on it would have to d/l and install eleventy one app updates.* Plus the sensor that let you rotate the screen between landscape and portrait modes basically died so I set it to permanent landscape mode before I finally gave up on it.
*and thus become completely unresponsive.


Well, a lemon implies a one off situation, but I am assuming @jsnell believes it’s more common issue.


Pouring one out for the N7. We loved ours too.

I’d pick up that Nook tablet for my daughter if I hadn’t gotten her an $80 Fire 10" refurb. That thing is fine for her, and the parental controls are actually quite good, but I could never put up with the so-called Fire OS.


I bought a 6.1 (3/32) in an emergency to replace my aging MotoX Pure due to battery dying. It’s ok, nothing special other than security and OS updates. It was definitely better than the old phone.

However, I had already pre-ordered the 7.1, so that arrived at the end of October, so my son is now using the 6.1.

I don’t do anything more strenuous than stream music and use GPS while driving, so both are ok for these tasks. Never had WiFi or network issues(AT&T).


For Moto G5+ owners on the retus software channel: check for system updates: I did today and Oreo 8.1 is downloading now!


OK, one question about Oreo (something that looks different from how it looked on Nougat):

Is there a way to make the control center (or whatever you call the one you pull down from the top where you control screen brightness etc.) have a dark theme as was the case with 7.0? I can’t find the setting for it.


By the way, I’ve got a weird Android issue on my Pixel 2XL that I wonder if anyone might be able to help with. At some point recently, the navigation bar stopped disappearing. It’s just permanently there. I can’t figure out how it happened or how to get rid of it, though to be honest I don’t mind it being there - I didn’t like Android’s move to a disappearing bar in the first place. I’d just like to know what happened. I’m using Nova Launcher, though I’ve checked all the settings and can’t see anything relevant.


My Droid apparently updated to Oreo (8.0 it says) back in July. I didn’t even notice lol.


This is exactly what the Essential phone needs.


$150…for a headphone jack…that I can’t use in my case. When the phone comes with a USB-C headphone jack adapter.

Sigh, I love this phone, but the company is so… questionable.


So, I’m tempted into an upgrade before the Essential PH-1 falls apart. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but seriously considering it.

Two main factors pushing in that direction. First, I’ve found that resale value is still pretty good here (about $200!) as the phone is considered exotic, having never sold locally. That means I could get about half back, and pay only half the price of an upgrade. Second, there are a few new bezel-less designs that look very good. While some are totally ridiculous (motorized pop-up selfie camera), I think the Mi Mix 3 and Nubia X both have pretty slick solutions. Maybe they’ll never become mainstream solutions, but they are very nifty. The Mi Mix 3 also apparently has amazing battery life, despite a smaller battery, for reasons. Bonus issues: sometimes the Essential hard freezes in the camera app, or randomly boots into the bootloader and will be stuck there for a few consecutive reboots. Neither is a deal breaker but both are very annoying, especially at the wrong time, and I think are emblematic of how threadbare the team has become in the last year.

What’s holding me back. Android - unfortunately those new phones use skins that approximate iOS, which I’m not a fan of. Not sure how well I’d adapt to a non vanilla Android. Second, both are a bit bigger than the Essential, which pushes me back in a direction I was running away from after a few years on the Nexus 6P. And, they probably will have much worse resale value, so wondering if I should wait for a more reputable company to push out a bezel less design in the next 6-12 months.

The joys of consumerism…


Falls apart? What the heck are you doing to it? Mine is still kicking ass.


I mean it hasn’t fallen apart - and thus still has some resale value. But, I’ll probably stay on the fence until I forget about the new shineys…


Oh I gotcha. I’m gonna use my Essential for quite some time, as it’s really an exceptional phone. Once it gets too slow/old, I’ll likely get a Pixel. Love that vanilla Android.


Absolutely - probably the biggest reservation I have about switching. And yes, the phone is still quite capable, less the occasional issues noted above and merely average camera that is already widely known. The size is awesome.


5X died on Monday. Crashed during a call and launched into boot-loop of death.

Picked up a Moto G6 Plus, since the X4 seemed absent from any local stockists.


Has the Hangouts app become nearly unusable for anyone else? Mother of God, it takes sixteen years for it to load on my phone if it ever gets kicked out of memory.

Then again, everything takes forever on this old N5X these days. 10+ seconds just now to open Chrome (Qt3) from Hangouts.

Cmon, black Friday phone deals!


Crossed that threshold about six months ago when I was down to my wife and I (everyone else had moved on), and I started getting more and more messages from attractive ladies in my city looking for a good time. Switched back to good old Android messages and SMS.


Hah. I don’t get the spam to my Hangouts, but I did like using it for cross-device unified messaging. It’s just s l o w now, to the point that it takes 10-20 seconds for the app to become responsive whenever I open it.


I’ve used Hangouts on my Android devices for years now, never had any slowdown issues. Or spam, although that may be more a function of the Google Voice number that I use than the app. Voice is pretty aggressive in blocking spam calls.