Android - what's in your pocket?


Yeah it’s really weird, it’s like out of the blue it just started to take the app 10-100x the time to start up, like it’s trying to parse some crazy amount of data or waiting for some super-slow network call or something.

Could be there’s some piece of bad memory on my device causing problems, but I cleared cache and app data to no avail and the exact same thing started happening at the same time to my wife’s N5X. Maybe some bad Android update? Who knows. We’re both annoyed enough in general with the phones that we’re upgrading within the month anyway. My Bluetooth controller has also gotten fuuuuunky over time as well, which drives me nuts.

Just not been super happy with this phone in general. Probably avoid LG for my next device, which is looking likely to be the Moto X4.


That’s what I have, and it’s been great. Had it almost a year now.


With black friday coming up, I’m looking to upgrade my Honor 6x with something in the 250.00 or less price range.

Any ideas? I really would like something that allows for SD card Expansion and around a 5.5 inch screen, and there are a lot of options right now.

Asus Zoom, Nokia 6.1, Honor 7x, Motor 6x all seem to fit the bill.


Oh dang, the Nokia 6.1 is $199 on Amazon. That doesn’t suck. Though I think Google is still offering $50 trade-in on our stupid N5Xes so that’s equivalent.

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Thanks for the update! I don’t know why my phone didn’t just tell me an update was available. I figured it would check once a day at least. Christ did it ever take forever for them to do this update! I hope it doesn’t screw things up too badly. Fingers crossed.


I’m in the same boat- aging N5X his being slower and slower. I’m on Project Fi, and don’t have a lot of money for an upgrade, so looking at the Moto X4. If you see any deals be sure to tip us off!


Plans are so much cheaper here in France. I just bought a sim card to stick in my old Moto G5+ for my son since he takes the tram to school by himself. Unlimited calls, texts + 100 GB data for 20 Euros. US mobile plans suck.


Oh wow, that is ridiculously crazy. I do pay as you go and I buy my data in one Gb chunks for $30 CDN.


US plans are ridiculous. I have one here (China) that is around $20 for 10GB and effectively unlimited everything else per month. Most other Asian countries even cheaper it seems. What the hell is going on with US plans?


Oligarchy and open spaces.



One thing I did discover that does kind of suck: you can’t use the OK Google thing anymore on this phone to unlock it. When I asked about it on the motoG5 subreddit someone replied that according to Google, that is “working as designed” for this phone, even though it worked fine in 7.0. Don’t know what the rationale for that is. Not “flagship” enough, maybe?


I think they changed it to “Hey Google”. I haven’t tried it yet, but I got a system notification on my phone earlier this week saying so, and that I should train my phone to respond.

OTOH, you’re talking about a different phone, so maybe not.


Hmm, I saw something like that too, but if that were the case you’d think the text prompt would ask you to say “Hey Google” and it didn’t IIRC.


Any of you guys with pixel phones used the next version of Google’s camera app?

It’s got this night sight feature which is absolutely insane. It basically just takes a bunch of pictures in the dark, then does crazy magic, and creates an image… That isn’t dark. Like, you can use it in a room where you can barely see, and then the picture is clear and looks like it was reasonably well lit. Not grainy or anything.

And it’s all done with software. Amazing stuff.

As an example, here’s a picture taken with and without it… Neither has a flash. The first image is basically how it really looked. It was that dark.


Holy lord.

K, tried to sideload a APK with the camera, but it keeps crashing. Sigh, I really wanted to try it.


Vanilla Android 4 LYFE, yo.


Ohhh, I found one that works. I downloaded the “Latest Release” here.

Wow, this is nice.


I have an Essential, so I’m on vanilla.


Maybe French vanilla.