Android - what's in your pocket?


Here are some kids recycling your old computers and smartphones and stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving!


When the grim reaper comes for the 5X, as it inevitably will, there will be no warning.


Sometimes there is a warning. Mine requires a daily reboot and the battery barely last 12 hours. ;)


All the Chromebook sales on anything worth buying are sold out, and the Pixelbook is $300 off. Still, $700 for even a badass Chromebook seems like an awful lot.

My wife sure does need a new Chromebook though…


I have two Chromebooks that I spent $200 on. Combined. Unless you have a use case for high end camera or something, just watch sale sites like Woot and get cheap commodity machines for your web browsing.


But it’s so sexxxxyyyyyy

She very much wants a convertible that is also purse-stuffable and ideally a functional videochat machine. And she’ll use it for a fair amount of Netflix &c.

$700 is a luxury machine no doubt, even so.


I just ordered two of these as gifts (one for kids, one for in-laws). But it’s not convertible and the 14" screen is probably not purse stuffable.


Bluetooth still sucks ass for audio. Battery drain and a very noticeable delay between video and audio content. I sometimes listen to Critical Role through my car stereo while driving to work in the morning. When I get there and look at the screen (I use their YouTube videos rather than the podcasts, cuz I can pick right up on my desktop over lunch and have something interesting to watch while I’m listening), the lag time between lips and words is very distracting. I will never move to Bluetooth audio.

And from what I’ve read, those little USB C > 3.5mm adapters introduce a noticeable delay, too… And even some USB C headphones.

Aux might be decades old, but it’s still the best consumer device-level audio standard by a country mile.


I like the Spigen cases. Does the Pixel 3 have a curved screen? The Moto X4 does and my glass screen protector only wanted to stay on for several months.


Anyone have any experience with the Sony phones? The XA1 plus is going for 250 on Amazon.


Alright, I pulled the trigger. Both on Pixel 3, and those two accessories you pointed out, and this $26 accessory that should let me listen to music in the car using my aux cable, while charging my phone at the same time:

It’s the only model I found that actually had a lot of reviews.


Will a phone that is set to AT&T, even if sold by an outside provider, still only work with AT&T.


I have a Pixel 3 nonXL. It seems good. Battery lasts forever. I had a Galaxy S6 before so probably anything would have seemed way nicer.


I’m kind of excited because this is the first time since the OnePlus One that I’ll have what is considered “the latest” phone. When I got the Nexus 6p two years ago, the day I got it, the Pixel 1 had just come out and they released a new Wallpaper app in celebration. I downloaded that Wallpaper app on my Nexus 6p and it ran like a dog. It was so disheartening for a new phone, you know? :)

6p has served me okay for the last two years, but it has always been a little slow at everything.



Glad my indecision back in September allowed me to get a freaking flagship phone today for the same price as the LG G7 that I was looking at 2 months ago.

@Adam_B its the time to upgrade to just about any model if you haven’t. Google went crazy with the deals today.


Possibly. There may be a carrier lock on the phone. You’d have to do some research on the very specific phone model to see if it can be unlocked free or cheaply. That said, carrier branded phones can be sold as carrier unlocked so they may be advertised as such. Then you are typically restricted by the specific network type the phone is designed for. Like an At&t phone might work with T-Mobile, but not Sprint.


TIL this thread is tl;dr ;)


Moto Z2 force on eBay is selling for 229.00, but only the AT&T version.


Hey this isn’t android but I’m going there anyway.

So, this year, folks may be aware, Chromebooks started being able to run Linux applications. Originally, it was only the super expensive Pixelbook, which honestly, I couldn’t understand why it even existed, as $1k negates one of the chief advantages of chomebooks (they are cheap).

However, now, apparently tons of chromebooks can run Linux apps:

And, at the same time, a bunch of chromebooks are on sale right now.

I currently have an old Asus Flip c100p, which I use all the time and is awesome (I’m using it right now), but unfortunately is too old to support the linux VM thing.

So I’ve been considering getting a new chromebook, and I was wondering if anyone has actually used the linux VM capability to run linux stuff on ChromeOS?

Specifically, what I’m thinking of, is that I want to run Eclipse, and set up my development environment… Anyone done that?


I bought one of those and couldn’t get it to work with my 2XL.

Then I bought the Anker Roav unit, and I like it well enough. It connects reliably and charges well; the audio quality on phone calls could be better, though that is mostly a function of my loud economy car, quieter cars should be fine.