Android - what's in your pocket?


My Pixel 3 comes tomorrow! My case and screen protector are already here. :|


Waze is what you should curse as you start seeing 100x as much traffic down your residential side street because it might possibly save someone 11 seconds as long as they also drive way too fast.


We are not currently buried, though I’m sure that’ll change before too long.


I just checked my email, and it’s kind of cool that my receipt email in “Inbox” (I thought Google was getting rid of Inbox? It still works great and is so much better than the Gmail app) tells me without even clicking on the email that the phone has shipped and will arrive on Wednesday.

But yes, one of my accessories have already arrived today. The connector thing that Scott says didn’t work with his Pixel 2XL.


Inbox is in the process of going away. I was pleasantly surprised, though, that they have integrated a fair number of the good bits into the core Gmail service.


Waze is better for commuting around your own city, to work, to friends, etc.

Google is better for longer trips in unfamiliar territory.


Not all though. Oddly enough, Inbox supported HTML signatures, the Gmail app doesn’t. It’s SO weird.


I mean, that sounds like an upgrade on the Gmail side to me.


Holy shit this thing is a lot faster!


Wow, flashback from 2002!


Except back then it was Mapquest that I used to print out, I believe.

I tried out Waze. So far I’m very unimpressed with the routes it gave me to get home from work. They were the same three routes that Google Maps gives me, which feature

  1. The best route, that I use every day, but time estimation was much more optimistic than Google maps. (Google map’s time estimate was better).
  2. The most direct route, which has too much traffic, but still a more optimistic estimation on time than GMaps. Just like Google maps, it missed a slightly better route that takes the highway at the end of the route.
  3. A weird route that I’ve only used once, that it thought would take the longest, but still a more optimistic duration than Google Maps.

So yeah, very unimpressed so far. I’ll keep using Waze, see if it gets better over time.


OMG I haven’t fallen immediately in love with a piece of tech like this in a long time. Very wowed so far.


I forget where you on a Nexus 5x?


Yeah. It was so old.


I know! Mine is so tired of rebooting, lol. Once a day for almost a year now, else it just doesnt work right.


It is a new day, brother!



I haven’t seen the video yet, but just that static image, with the sale on Google/Project Fi, that’s almost what we paid for the PIxel 3 ($200 off, $200 in Fi Credit, $53 credit for trading in Nexus 6p = $347 + tax).


Its not a PocoPhone , we should all regret our Pixel 3 purchases. :D


Besides the routing, the main features that people like about Waze is that it crowdsources data about things like collisions, red light camera, cops, etc.

Google Maps telling you about an accident up ahead that’s causing a delay and then suggesting an alternate route is directly lifted from when Waze did the same feature a year earlier, and Maps team felt confident enough to integrate into their app.

Like Brian and I mentioned, Waze works best when you’re very familiar with the area. Also, you can basically preview cutting edge features ahead of when Maps adds them. Plus you can sometimes change voices, like when I had Mr. T or Arnold Schwarzenegger as my navigation!