Android - what's in your pocket?


Yeah, same here. They should just admit that FedEx Ground doesn’t have tracking, instead of pretending you can track stuff, so you go to their page, and the only entry is that someone ordered a shipment at one time long, long ago.


Bummer, guys! I remain in active love with this thing. Ours showed up right on time, and a buddy got his in like 4 days as well.


East coast here, so it takes longer to travel here, I know this from thinking about taking the Oregon Train in the opposite direction.


Honestly, for me,

No headphone jack means no sale.

I really would rather have a Pixel than a Samsung S9, but they still lack the “courage” to remove that feature. So I am stuck with Samsung.


I was worried about this when switching to my Essential.

But to be honest, I’ve not missed it. Like, at all.


Were you using bluetooth headphones before?


I was, to a limited extent, but now I use them all the time.


Why not just use a USB C to headphone jack adapter?

@Adam_B did the Pixel 3 come with USB-c earbuds?


Why should I have to buy something extra for my new device?

The fact that adapters exist are the reason why the 3.5 jack should still be in phones. We haven’t moved past analog headphones yet. Phone companies are just outsourcing the cost and hassle to consumers. (and headphone manufacturers)


Yes, the Pixel 3 comes with usb-c buds and an adapter.


So a free adapter to boot!


Still can’t charge and jam at the same time, which is one of my primary use cases. Headphone jack and expandable storage are absolute musts for me. Pity, cuz other stuff about the Pixel is neat. Oh well.


USB-c flash drive? ;)


Wireless charging, never look back. I mean, expandable storage can totally be a deal breaker. But toss $12 wireless charging pad by your your desk and one by your bed and it changes the whole workflow of things.


@Adam_B, does it come with a wireless charger too?


Wireless charger is a separate purchase. There might have been a promo for a free one bundled in if you ordered by a certain time, but there isn’t a wireless charger in the box (at least not for the Pixel 3 XL).


OR just get a phone with a lot of storage. This Essential I think has 128GB, and I’m maybe using a 3rd of it with tons of apps. It’s great.


Or stream your music because it’s 2018, ya mutants ;)


That’s pretty much all I do anymore, I don’t have any music on my phone.


Oh man okay the earbuds with the Assistant integration are fantastic.