Android - what's in your pocket?


I, like my namesake Mr. Rubin, own (and love) an Essential PH-1. The phone came with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, which I used for a little while with my legacy earbuds/headphones.

Now,I use true wireless earbuds, and I throw a cheapo pair of USB-C earbuds for backups in my bag if I’m travelling. Once you go Bluetooth audio, you’ll never jack in again. I don’t understand the kerfuffle over 3.5mm audio jacks. We’ve moved past that!

And with 128GB on-board, I have plenty of room for a ton of apps, plus all my go-to music, and I’m still less than 60% used. My entire music collection is synced with Google Play Music, so if I want to listen to something I haven’t downloaded directly, I can always stream.


Apparently not. :/


Because 3.5mm audio has been a standard for fifty years, and still has plenty of advantages over wireless audio from both a quality and an “oh crap, I forgot to charge my headphones!” standpoint.


My only issue with streaming music is that I’m no longer on an unlimited plan. I’m on Project Fi, where the more you stream on cellular, the more you pay. So I changed my habits and only play local music from my phone again. I just download the songs I need from Google Play Music to my phone before I go for a workout.


What’s the assistant integration? Verbal commands or something? What playback software does it work with?


I haven’t delved it fully, but the simple fact that there’s a button on the inline controls to fire up Assistant and that it’ll read notifications to me are golden.


So for the last couple of days, while I wait for the Pixel 3, I’ve been doing my homework, backing stuff up to transfer to the new phone. I did this with the original Galaxy Nexus, then the OnePlus One, then the Nexus 6p, and now to the Pixel 3. I back up my Whatsapp messages and my SMS messages (and MMS and images). Whatsapp is tied to my Google Drive, it was easy enough to back up (7.5 Gigs at this point). SMS messages and images are now quite big.

First the App “SMS Backup and Restore” makes an XML file where it puts everything, then it uploads it to Google Drive for you. Well, I kept failing in that first step. It would take about 1-2 hours of working, and then fail, because of lack of space on my Nexus 6p’s 32 GB drive. So each time I would make more room. And then it would fail, so I’d make more room, and delete more files and more apps from my phone.

I got rid of all my music. All my apps except for Whatsapp, Google Maps, and a couple of others that I use daily. I got rid of all my audiobooks. I got rid of Facebook. I got rid of anything and everything that I could think of. And finally I had 4 Gigs of free space left. So if it didn’t work now, I didn’t know what I would do. But it worked! Yay!

So all my 7+ gigs of Whatsapp messages and 4 Gigs of SMS messages and baggage are coming with me to the new phone if and when it arrives (I just got home and it didn’t arrive today either).


I think mine was showing Dec 17th or something.


Still using Pixel 2. Have been meaning to use it with Daydream VR and to see how well it works with PC VR games.


I sent an email to Google Store last night asking them what was up with my delivery. This morning, it seemed to have done the trick, the FedEx tracking number works now! It says my package shipped and should be here by Monday.


So the task switcher was one of my minor beefs with the Pixel 3 and Android 9. No longer!

Turns out you just swipe right on the button bar anywhere, not just on the home button or the now-empty right side. A quick swipe right goes to previous app (which I use constantly and missed badly) or swipe and hold to quickly scroll through the task switcher. Works great, love it.


I like it too, especially being able to quickly swipe to the end and end all tasks quickly.


My Pixel 3 finally arrived yesterday.

And I can confirm today that this little accessory works great. I know @Scott123 said it didn’t work with his Pixel2, but I can confirm it works with the Pixel 3. I got the phone charged on the way to work while playing music through the auxiliary port in the car.


Mine also arrived yesterday, I hope to have time THURSDAY to actually unbox it.


The two accessories I bought from your post, the tempered glass and the case were a mixed bag.

The tempered glass went on fine. But when I put the case on, the tempered glass separates in the top right corner for some reason. Maybe I should take off the case and just let the tempered glass settle in for longer? I tried having no case for the first few hours to give it more time, but it didn’t seem to help too much.

Plus heads up on the case, while handling it, my hands became black in a bunch of spots, like ink came off it or something.


Wonderful… I’ll let you know how my experience goes later this week.


A) cases are for the weak. You know how much SCIENCE went into the glass on this thing? Also it’s plenty big enough. Live a little!

B) I am still daily amazed at how much ass this phone kicks. I’m not even a little sad about spending the money on it. Camera is as advertised and everything else is better.


Another heads up I forgot to mention, it gives you the option to transfer everything from your old phone to your new one via USB-C cable, but doing that was a bad idea.

  1. It doesn’t transfer a lot of stuff, like Whatsapp images, phone history, sms messages. You still need to do those through Whatsapp and SMS backup app. It transfers your secure apps like banking apps, but none of the credentials, so you might as well not copy them over, you still have to do the hard part like setup all those apps using your passwords, and setup fingerprint scanning again, etc. So my advice, don’t transfer a lot of the stuff it offers to transfer. It’s useless, it doesn’t make your life any easier.

  2. Transfer takes foreeeeeeeeeever. It estimated 5 minutes, and then 2 hours later, it estimated 3 minutes left. Luckily those last 3 minutes were only 1 hour long.

  3. The whole time you’re transferring, the screen on both phones is on, they get really hot, and in my case the Nexus 6p is using the USB cable to charge itself, draining the Pixel 3 of battery power.

  4. At the end of the process the Pixel 3 was almost out of batteries, and it was VERY HOT. And just like the Nexus 6p, when it’s that hot, it charges really slowly. When I plugged it in, it said it would charge in 6 hours. After an hour it said 5 more hours. So the time scale seemed correct. I disconnected it and just let it sit, not charging or doing anything, and when it cooled down, I charged it, and it charged much faster.


I think overall, my strategy for making the PIxel 3 actually last 3 years is just to try to take care of the battery the best that I can. On my last 3 phones, the battery is the thing that forces you to get a new phone.

I read somewhere that I shouldn’t charge the phone overnight, just get it to 100% or close to it, and then unplug it. And that’s good for battery life in the long run. So hopefully careful things like that over the next 3 years will let this phone actually last that long.

Hopefully the phone won’t get super hot again like it did on Transfer day.

I’ve been setting up all my apps and settings from my OnePlus One and my Nexus 6p. Looking up passwords, etc., trying to just setup everything on one phone. It took a lot of time yesterday and today, but I’m almost there.


Fuck that noise. Too many phones shattered for friends and I from fairly inconsequential drops. I’m almost to the point of getting Otterboxen at this point; the fucking stupid curved screens on modern Samsungs (sorry bro, I’m giving up real headphones and expandable storage over my dead body) mean that most cases barely have a lip anymore, meaning that the screen is still at risk from face-down drops.

You’re really not wrong on this. My technique has been to:

  1. Setup new phone with Google account, which pulls over (most) installed Apps, Contacts, and obviously G Account stuff like Calendars, Gmail accts, Hangouts, etc.

  2. Use SMS Backup and Transfer to grab virtually every text/MMS/call I’ve sent or received since I moved into the modern smartphone age ~8 years ago.

  3. Move over the increasingly enormous SD card containing virtually every picture or movie I’ve shot with my phone, plus an emergency cache of downloaded tunes for when I’m inevitably out of signal area and driving (because T-Mobile sucks fucks). I’m up to a 256GB in here, now. Yeah, sure, the photos/videos are all on Dropbox, too, but hey, if I wanna access them with bad reception, why shouldn’t I be able to?

  4. Laboriously re-login to everything, starting with LastPass to make the process easier. Setup important app settings again as early as possible (e.g., SwiftKey custom dictionary). Luckily a lot of apps now do their own cloud storage of important settings, so, e.g., all of my custom alarms for each day of the week that live inside Sleep As Droid come over when it re-sets up.

  5. Keep the old phone handy for a week or two for any random stuff I’ve missed.

It still sucks, so I don’t relish the process, but it’s way less buggy than either Samsung Cloud or direct USB transfer processes I’ve tried on my Samsungs, my gf’s LG, or my mom’s Pixels.