Android - what's in your pocket?


You meant old phone here, and yeah, I’m trying to run through all my usecases during this week before I have to send back the Nexus 6p. I had forgotten, for instance, that there’s certain things I keep track of for work that are only Chrome Tabs that I perpetually use, and chrome history and passwords did not get transferred over. Well some things did, but other things didn’t, for some reason. So I’m trying to run into all those before I have to reset my old phone and send it off.


I used it for a day without the case. Just the tempered glass. I agree, it was glorious. The whole smooth glass feel of the thing is even better than the OnePlus One’s matte granite back.

But yeah, I drop my phone way too often to not put a cover on something that I’m going to be depending on lasting for the next 3 years.

OTOH, to bolster your argument, when I got my Nexus 6p, I threw caution to the wind with my old OnePlus One, and stripped it of a cover and the tempered glass. And ever since then, that thing is so smooth and comfortable to hold, I’ve never dropped it. I’ve been using it for 2 years without a cover now. It’s battery is horrible and it only lasts for an hour or two between charges, but man, it’s comfortable to hold and maybe it was designed that way so that I never would drop it, I don’t know. Maybe the Pixel 3 is the same way.


Thanks for the catch; edited :)

And yeah, an issue I’ve run into is that I had originally intended to use TMO’s JUMP plan to switch devices every single year. The downside is that you must surrender the old device immediately upon getting the new one, which is just too risky that I’ll have missed something vital (like those Chrome tabs, though signing into your Chrome account should alleviate that, though the syncing is super fucky sometimes).

So instead I wind up having payments on two phones at a time each year, but on the flipside, if the new one breaks, I’ve got an only one-year older backup available while the warranty swap goes through. And hey, ~$30/mo ain’t that bad for that level of peace of mind. At the end of the year, I send the oldest surviving phone to family in Guatemala, who like to keep spares in case of the all-too-common armed robberies down there.


what the fuck


They are websites that were designed for the company I work for, so we can monitor certain things. So I open them in Chrome. And just so that I never have to remember website addresses, login names and passwords, I just keep those Chrome tabs always open on my phone. That way I can switch to those tabs and hit reload.


Ye gods. That way lies madness.


Now that the gadget I bought works pretty flawlessly (so I can charge my phone and output to the aux cable/headphones at the same), I’m not as upset over losing the 3.5mm jack. It does suck that I had to pay for it though. Still, that pain was lessened because the phone came with a free pair of headphones. I’ve never had a phone come with headphones before. And they’re an interesting design too. They use the cord going to the earpiece to fold itself, and that fold of the cord makes the earbuds fit into your ear. So they’re not quite in-ear buds, they just kind of rest right outside the ear holes, but sort of rest inside.

I hear you on the storage though. I would also add a replaceable battery to that list. Why did everyone capitulate and stop complaining about that one? Like I mentioned upthread, I’ve had to stop using each of my last 3 android phones because of the stupid battery.


Do you still get an audio delay, e.g., while watching video? I’ve seen some complaints about it with some USB C headphones/adapters, and since that’s the principle thing bugging me about Bluetooth (alongside quality), it’d still be a no-deal for me.

And weird; I don’t think I’ve ever bought a cellphone that DIDN’T come with headphones. Down to the old Sony/Sony Ericsson flipphones I was buying in the early 00s.

Yeah, look, I get that I can buy a cellphone with 128GB of internal storage or whatever now. But I could also buy a phone that has 128GB internal and 256GB external. Moar = bettar, yo.

And yes, the battery thing is fucking awful. The last truly great phone I’ll ever own was the Note 4, which had a huge, flat OLED screen, headphone jack, replaceable battery, and upgradable storage. Sadly, something on the mobo or storage controller on mine went funny and it started bootlooping anytime I hit storage for more than just loading the OS, so I had to retire it.

RIP, last great phone.


I also got a Pixel 3 during the Black Friday sales. One thing to remember when transferring to a new phone, if you are using google authenticator for 2 factor auth, nothing transfers.

You’ll need your old phone to login to the various places and switch it over to your new phone. Unless you are one of the rare people that keeps the codes that are also given when you first set it up.


Or just use Authy. It has a desktop app you can use for 2FA.


Authy is fantastic! Shout out.

Also, I really enjoy the tabula rasa of a new phone. You people and your jiggabytes of WhatsApp messages…you are strange people to me.

Embrace the ephemeral nature of your digital life. I stopped hoarding a few years back and it is fantastic.


Whereas I sometimes enjoy reading back over the high school chat logs that eventually flowered into my current relationship, stored in immortal HTML forevermore :)

Goddamn I was not a smooth teenager.


Think of how empty your life would be without that repeated experience ;)


I do like having Pulse so I don’t lose my texts with my wife, but that’s it.




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So for mine, the case fits great and doesn’t leave any black on my hands. But my screen protector doesn’t seal tight with the screen around the entire edge of it. It’s not noticeable when the screen is on but when its off you can tell it doesn’t have complete contact.

I’ll live with it for now, as no screen protector gives me the panic sweats. :p

My transfer of everything from my Nexus 5 to Pixel 3, took around 20 minutes. It was around 5.7 gig of data. And yes my Pixel 3 got very warm near the fingerprint reader.


Yeah, mine took 3 hours, so it was super hot.

Luckily it never got that hot again.

The day before yesterday it got pretty warm at the top of the phone, so I got a little worried, but then I realized that an hour earlier when I’d used the flashlight, I’d forgotten to turn it back off. Hahahah. On my Nexus 6p such a mistake would have meant that my phone would have been dead in an hour, but here it just meant it got hot. (and used about 33% power).


Any idea what is different about the charger that comes with the pixel 3?

I tried a usb-c cable that I have hooked up to my PC and it said charging slowly.
I tried using my old Nexus 5x charge cable on my Pixel 3 and it said charging.
I then tried the new Pixel 3 cable (white) and it said charging rapidly.