Android - what's in your pocket?


The Nexus 5 has a micro USB port, so you can’t use its cable on the Pixel 3. All Pixels are powered through USB-C ports.

USB-C chargers have a wide variety of power output profiles, since they can be used to charge everything from phones to laptops. I don’t have a Pixel 3, but I do have a first-gen Pixel. And the first gen Pixel charger is great, capable of putting out more power than most other small USB-C chargers. I suspect the Pixel 3 charger is equally good.


Nexus 5x, missed typing the X. :p

Its usb-c.


Ok. I’m pretty sure that Nexus 5x cable is USB 2 to USB-C, in other words the ends don’t match. And I bet that the Pixel 3 charger has two matching USB-C ends.

If so, USB 2 chargers deliver less power than (good) USB C chargers, even if it ends up in the same type of plug at the other end. You can confirm this by looking at the specs written on the charger itself. I believe my Pixel has 2 amps at 9V, which is 18 W. Whereas USB 2 chargers are usually 10 W or less (0.5, 1, or 2 amps at 5V IIRC).


Ah ok, well my Pixel 3 charger says 5v=3.0A /// 9v=2.0A

Anyway it charged from 46% to 100% really fast! :D


Pretty sure the Pixel 3 charger uses 18W while earlier Pixels had 10W or 15W chargers. And I think later chargers use different/updated Power Delivery specs or features too.


Yes, that sounds about right. So there are two delivery modes, 15 W (5V, 3A) or 18W (9V, 2A). The former is typical of USB-C phones, for example my new LG phone. The latter is slightly unusual, and it accounts for the fast charging. It’s also the reason why people sometimes look for Pixel chargers as a compact substitute for the more power-hungry Nintendo Switch.

My first gen Pixel definitely has 18W. I traded in the phone, but I’ll never give up the charger!


Oh, huh. I misplaced my original Pixel XL charger, so I only have the new one handy. And I have a Pixel stand, which Google enabled fast wireless charging using its full wattage vs how third-party accessories charged at a lower speed or something.


This modern reboot of Braveheart was such a bad idea.


I’m not sure fast charge is a good idea. The physics of Li ion or polymer battery is that heat is the #1 battery killer. And fast charging a battery in my experience almost always makes the battery hotter than usual.

Fast charge may be convenient, but it may just be another aspect of planned obsolescence. If there is no fast charge, maybe top of the line phones (or even mid range phones) can last more than a couple of years?

Now I’ve taken to slow charge my phone using usb port while I’m at my desk and not out and about.

Anyway just my 2c.


Ok, as I said in that post, they were expecting the 128GB Nexus 6p, since that was the only option available for trade-in on their website, and they got my 32GB Nexus 6p instead, so I was expecting to get zero for trade in instead of $53.

Well, today they finished their evaluation, and they credited me $28 instead. Not bad. That’s $28 more than I was expecting.


Alright, so this was the deal back on Black Friday. $200 off the Pixel 3, and $200 in Fi Credit. I got the preview for my bill this month on the Fi app. But even though it has the $28 in trade-in credits, it’s not showing any part of the $200 Fi Credit in the preview.

Is it time to contact support now, or has the bill preview been wrong in the past about not showing Fi credit and then it showing up in the final bill?


I believe the $200 shows up after 30 days of continuous service through Fi after purchase.

Am I the only person who reads the fine print around here?! ;)


That’s what I was trying to remember. Thanks Adam. I kind of wish they kept a historical record of the offer somewhere on the app or on their website, so you could look it up later.





Hey so if anyone missed the Pixel 3 Black Friday sales and wants $100 off (or 150 off the XL), I have a code.

I also get $100 if someone uses, so we will be instant best Internet buddies ;)


Does anyone else have Pixel 1 thats been struggling since the Android 9 / pie update?
Basically my battery used to last about 1.5-2 days and since that damn update, its down to about 10 hours, which is very frustrating obviously.

I’ve done some basic googling and have found posts from August / September from other people with the same issue, but nothing since.

Guess I’ll try to do a factory reset, but otherwise I’m so far as to consider getting a new phone, even though the functionality of this one is still great - nothing is slow or otherwise problematic. Its literally ONLY the battery thats an issue. Perhaps I could try n rollback the update? But that seems complicated…


My Pixel 1 is okay, I’m sorry. What I do remember is they accidentally turned on battery saver for everyone and recently fixed that? I don’t think I can get 1.5 days unless it just sits on a dresser in sleep mode.

I can get my phone to last from morning to nighttime. Dinner time -midnight if I don’t use it. if I use it a bit, it’s down to 25% by 6 hours or so.


Have I gushed about the awesome Aussie accent my assistant now reads to me in? Game changer.

(No really it is super cool!)


My Moto x4 got the Pie update last night. Whoever was in charge of the new Do Not Disturb settings has never actually used a phone. Also not a fan of forcing me to have the search bar and forcing it to the bottom of the screen.


Can’t you replace the launcher if you don’t like the bottom search bar?