Android - what's in your pocket?


I thought you got a free one, then. That should be cause for celebration.


Yes. Now I have two Blizzards, and one of them has lots of extra crunchy bits mixed in!



Dropped my Pixel 3 today in pretty spectacular fashion, pretty much windmilling it out of my parka’s breast pocket where I had forgotten it was onto the hard floor of the skyway. Busted the corner of the screen. Still works fine, digitizer seems unaffected, but motherfucker.

Gonna cost me like $270 to fucking fix god damnit.

Shoulda gotten that overpriced insurance!


That suuuuuucks man. I shattered two S7+ screens in the space of six months a couple of years back (both in supposedly tough cases, at that) and it felt awful.


My case that I bought to protect my phone from myself is doing me no fucking good sitting on my desk at home.

Just lost my fancy $200+ earbuds like an asshole two weeks ago, too.

Here’s hoping we don’t get fucked by the fucking stupid-ass tax idiocy effective for 2018 taxes!

Assholes. Christ. I hate everything.


That’s why I keep my phone in a case 100% of the time. You don’t need some super bulky otterbox case, any thin/light case is infinitely better than none at all.


Sucks to hear, I cased my Pixel 3 and added a screen protector before even activating it.

I almost wish I could find something like this for the Pixel.


Or you know, perhaps they could make phones more durable.


Yup, my Moto G5+ (obviously not a high end phone) has been saved a number of times by my inexpensive Spigen case. I can’t imagine having the New Hotness and carrying it around bare.


Exactly, you don’t need a gigantic thick case, any super cheap silicone case with a small lip so the screen doesn’t touch the ground directly will make it pretty unlikely to crack your screen from a normal drop.


People who use their flagship phones without a case are crazy. They are so slippery!


The fact that flagship phones require additional cases is crazy.

It’s like needing an secondary PSU because a primary PSU in your PC is only rated to 200 watts. (Except this is not how it works in reality.)


I picked up the overpriced insurance because I KNOW I’ll break my Pixel 3. Since I have a whole family of phone destroyers, we made it more affordable by getting the family plan.


I even have the dumb Spigen case. It would have protected the phone just fine. But my back went out and I couldn’t deal with the extra weight and so off it came, and of course I was running late trying to get out the door this morning.



I have an over-engineered case because my wife bought it for me, and I have to use it (insert smiley face) but it’s saved me a couple of times so far. After a year of being super careful with it and not having a scratch, the other day I mistakenly put my car keys into the same pocket that my phone was in for a few minutes and hey presto, scratches on the screen from the keys. Grrrr. I’m sure they design these phones to deliberately scratch and break at the drop of a hat (or a phone) because hey, why else would you ever need to buy another?


I guess there must be heavier Spigen cases. Mine is it just a minimalist sleeve that might weigh an ounce.

Sucks about your phone, though.


But it only happens when the warranty expires! Or if you never got one in the first place…


My Moto G5 got fell out of my back pocket while I was riding my bike and got run over by a car and didn’t sustain a scratch.


It’s a good job it didn’t get run over by a herd of elephants as well, that would have been too much for it I think.




How about elephants riding in cars?