Android - what's in your pocket?


That would have added significantly to the weight, I think.


So I’ve gotten tired of the power button on my Pixel 1 working intermittently, the 1/3 day of battery life, the USB-C connector being a delicate flower, and the phone randomly shutting down particularly when I’m trying to take a quick photo. I’m trading down to a Motorola Moto x6, which should arrive in a couple of days. With trade in for the Pixel, the promotional price for the new phone, and the $100 in Fi credit I’m getting, I’m actually making money on the trade, even including a phone case and SD card. It’ll be nice to have a phone I don’t have to fight with, even if it’s not running Pie.


Nice! Wait, x6 or g6? Latest models in those lines look like x4 and g6.

Would love to hear impression at any rate; the midrange Motos are always tempting to me and I’m curious what you think.


I’ve got an X4 and like it a lot, but I’ve never had a top of the line phone. With moderate use of listening to podcasts for 90 minutes and a couple calls, maybe use an app of two for a short time, read email I can usually go 2 days before I have to charge it. I usually charge it every day, but I can skip a day.

The touch screen seems responsive, colors good, speaker is good enough for my use. We’re usually happy with the pictures - knowing this isn’t a good stand alone camera. I can’t imagine spending $800+ on a phone. I would maybe consider a Pixel when they are running a special for around $400, but this $250 phone seems plenty good.

I’ve also had a G5+ and felt the same way.


The g6. Sorry, my girlfriend has an x4, really likes it, and I was just remembering the model.

Yeah, after owning a Pixel for a couple of years, the benefits of having a top-of-the-line phone do not justify the cost, particularly since it’s lasted less well than any other cell phone I’ve owned. I’m happy to drop back to a mid-range phone. I’ll report how it is once I get it and switch over.


The folding phone is here! Doesn’t matter, though, because it costs a billion dollars.


Does that mean the Apple version will be $3,000 in a 19 months?


Seriously though, this phone looks badass.


Cripes, some people have more money than sense.


I already have a foldable phone, you hipsters


$2600 CAD. Jeez.


It’s an interesting phone from a technical perspective, but I wonder what the real-world usage will be for it in unfolded mode?

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people who get just won’t use it in unfolded mode much, beyond the novelty factor. If that turns out to be the case, you’ve basically bought yourself a heavier, thicker standard smartphone for twice the price.


Why didn’t they drill holes in the screen? For $2k you should get at least one satisfying, decorative hole.


They did that with the S10.


The original dual screen foldable phone that I rocked in 2012!


The S10 packs a lot of high-tech stuff into a phone. Ultrasonic thing a jig, a bag of camera lenses, wireless charging (not just of the phone but of other devices using the phone), 128Gb standard, 855 chip, new and better OLED display which looks fantastic.

I love the wide-angle camera and would consider one for that, but I need to know if Samsung is finally able to tone down the clown-vomit color saturation, because colors and skin-tones from my Pixel just look light-years better than the S9.


Man, my S9+ has multi-lenses and I have no idea if I’m even using both/all of them when shooting. If it’s not automatic, I’m guessing no.


How many phones had ports for earphones? I could do with less courage from phone makers.


Those mini-jack ports take up a fair amount of internal space (affecting battery life) and also affect waterproofing.


Don’t care. Want jacks