Android You Tube app question

First I want to say, I hate this app because it pisses me off so much. I wish there was an alternative.

Anyway, I like to watch trump (hearthstone) videos in the morning while I eat breakfast. I have this streamed to my chrome cast.

Frequently I have to go through this ritual because the app resets its self to the starting home page:

  1. Pick the channels / favorites.
  2. Pick the trump channel.
  3. Pick playlists
  4. Pick show more
  5. Pick show even more
  6. Pick show even fucking more
  7. Scroll down a good ways and find Constructed Standard (which is like his most updated channel and why the fuck is it so far down the list?!)
  8. This channel has a bazillion videos in it. Scroll WAY DOWN to find the last video I was watching and que it up and maybe the next video after it.

Why the fuck can’t this god damn app just remember where I am and never forget this?
Is there a way for me to book mark this playlist so I can directly go to it rather than this routine which I need to do like 4 or 5 times a week?

Yes you can add the Constructed Standard playlist to your library*. And you could also turn notifications on for when videos are added to it.

Then in the app go to Account tab, and scroll down to the playlist - now you’re at step 8 of your process. :)

*easiest way is to voice search in the app for 'hearthstone constructed standard", then tap the 3 little dots on right and ‘add to library’. You could even just do an “okay google” search every time instead of the 1st 7 steps. ;)

Couldn’t you just bookmark it in Chrome?

A good idea, but could you even open it in Chrome to bookmark it? Wouldn’t it open the Youtube app instead of Chrome? Can you save a bookmark directly from a Google search?

Thanks, you have just saved me a lot of trouble. I still fucking hate the app, but now it will not be so aggravating.

Are there actual manuals to these apps? In the past I have tried to google this, but all I find is stuff about you tube in general. It would be nice if I had a complete manual on every google app. Maybe there are dozens of useful things I can be using on all the other apps, but I just have no simple way to discover it.

Well, they all have ‘help and feedback’ option in the top right menu which tells you most things. It shows a page of the most popular topics, but if you go ‘browse all articles’ at the bottom it’s pretty much the manual. You can also search it.

Is there a way to sort episodes in a given subscription in chronological order? I am watching some Extra Credits play lists, which should definitely be ordered, yet they are in random order. Each episode is labeled with a season and episode number.

Probably would need to make your own Playlist with the order you want

The videos tab is chronological. I had thought they were within a playlist too, but maybe not.