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So I picked up Neverwinter Nights after returning from a vacation in the middle of freaking nowhere. Upon installing it I was created with frequent crashes n lock ups n the like.


So over the next two days I work out the kinks and things are running pretty good. Over the next few days I work towards the end of Chapter 2. Yay. My character is leveling up and getting cool equipment. Cool!

Then my saves start corrupting. The Anger.

So that’s it. Having to reboot every time the game locks up over corrupted saves, I have had enough. I’ll put this away for a bit and just play Icewind Dale, a game that fucking WORKS.

I sooo can’t wait for Icewind Dale 2.

Oh, and Bioware shouldn’t even have that tech support forum up since all they do is shove that company line ‘flash yer bios/defrag yer hard drive’ bullcrap.

Maybe they do that because half the time it works?

Oh well la de da! I love things that work half the time.

Why don’t they release a patch that works ALL the time. 1.9 was a joke.

Yes Mr. Troll

A game of this maginitude with the large numbers that are buying the game mean some will have problems. They reality is having updated drivers, not allot of crap running in the background and defragging help about %99 of the problems. Sorry but to many peole have aome initial problems and think the games and company sucks ass. Bioware has proven themsleves as a quality developer time and time again.

Hmmm, you’re one of 3 people that I’ve heard of so far having problems with the game. I’m guessing it’s a very limited number of folks having problems or we’d be hearing a lot more griping like this.

What are your system specs?

Jim: Have you read the NWN Support forums. Its the other way around. Very few people are having no problems. Here are some classics:

Processor Manufacturer: Intel
Processor Type: P4
Processor Speed: 1.6 gHz
Operating System / Service Pack: Windows XP
System RAM: 512mb
Video Card Manufacturer: Asus
Video Card Model: v8460
Video Card RAM: 128mb
Video Card Driver Version: 29.42
Sound Card Manufacturer: Creative
Sound Card Model: Soundblaster Live! Platinum
Sound Card Driver Version: N/A
Problem Description:

  1. Game server crashes while saving when a player is loading a new area. Reproducable. I pity the fool with autosave on.

  2. Player crashes during network hiccups (long pings), leaving the player within the game, but forcing the player to reboot, relog in, and not updating the player to the current place (xp, items, etc) within the game, rather reloading the character back to the original point in the save game. Reproducable on circumstance.

  3. Re-importing an updated character into an ongoing game (i.e. levelling a character in another game, and then bringing back the same character with different details) will load the character into the ongoing server game, but place them in a position where they were in their single player game, and crash the server, because the player record does not match the server’s record of the character.

Aarin Gend thinks I’m a woman all of a sudden.

“Greetings, my dear friend. The presence of such a charming woman as yourself is always welcome. How may I serve?”

This may be considered to contain a few SPOILERS about a subquest in chapter two, so don’t read on if you’ve not gotten there yet.

Everybody who doesn’t want to know’s gone now?


Right - it’s the bit in the ‘village of lost souls’ where I’m playing judge. I picked up the fire wand, ran around the rest of the area, found out what I was supposed to do regarding the summoning, but when I came to perform this the damn wand had vanished from my inventory. I’ve checked every single container and item to see if I’ve dropped it or accidentally placed it in a chest or something, looked in the divining pool back at the temple and it’s quite definitely not there. I don’t think I can fully complete the task unless I have it, and I’m a tad irritated at having ‘lost’ it somewhere.

Does anyone know if this is a bug, if it’ happened before and if there’s anything I can do to fix it? At this moment, I’m sufficiently frustrated to even accept some character editing to get it back (if it’s an option) given that I did indeed have it before, and it wasn’t through any apparent fault of my own that it went absent without leave.

I was playing NWN today and I died in chapter 2, the orc and goblin caves. So I tried to LOAD my last saved game and it crashed. No big deal I thought, so I proceeded to load NWN again and LOAD the same saved game. Once again it crashes so I reboot. After the reboot I attempt to load my backup saved game that was a little farther back in the game (but not too far)… guess what? That crashes NWNMAIN.EXE as well! Now what the hell am I supposed to do???

All that work I did gone. I love this game but god damn, how hard is it to make a game that doesn’t corrupt your saved game files???

BTW, the game has always ran just fine. Every once in awhile it crashes after I die and try to load my last game but it has never continued to crash every time I load like it is now.

system specs:
Windows 2000 Professional SP2
AMD Athlon T-bird 750Mhz
384 MB pc133 RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS 32mb
On-board VIA sound
Asus 50x max cdrom
Western Digital 30GB HD

Say guys,

When a new patch be available? this new patch made the performance of the game slow and it crashes sometimes. And I have all the latest video and audio drivers on my 1.5 Ghz pc.

That also includes times when the camera zooms to the max when I enter a new map, and then it zooms out. Not mentioning loosing my spells on the spellbook during ‘crucial’ fights. People put a lot of hours and don’t want to risk losing the data now cuz of bad patch.

Ouch, nasty, hadn’t read any of that. Just going by what I’d read on boards like this.

I’m having no problems at all with my rather modest Athlon 1.2 with a VIA chipset and GeForce 2.

But for things like corrupted saved games, I’d be hard pressed to blame the hardware. Sounds like a game bug, doh.

I guess you can count me as number 4. Got the latest drivers, defragged, etc… gave up after a week of perpetual crashes.

Is it happening in Chapter 2 with everyone that is having trouble with the single player module?

I ask because I am just getting into Chapter 2 right now. Finished a few quests, but haven’t really moved the main story along yet. Would hate to be praising the game to see it get stuck in the teeth of the 2nd chapter.

Well rumor has it, some of the problems have to do with killing a certain monster. I’d reveal more but I dunno if I would spoil.

Anyway its tough to say, there could be a lot of things wrong with it on the side but since I dont know much about the non-hardware process of it all I can’t give an educated opinion aside from just saying that it makes me angry.

Since the ‘tech support’ isnt really supported its just a bunch of angry/frustrated gamers trying their best to make sense of it all.

Hey, are you the same MrAngryFace from the Gaming Age forums?

Haha No! Of course not. runs away

Put me in the “I’ve barely got the minimum system requirements, but the game runs just fine” category.

Not to brag, just to make it known that not everyone is having problems.

I’ve had a few crashes, but nothing bad and nothing corrupted–knock on wood. However, I am stuck at the end of chapter 2 because of a gameplay bug that affects some, but not all. Up until this, it was very impressive. Hell, I’m still impressed…but I’ll be more impressed once I go into chapter 3. :)