Angie I summon the Unammomer!

I was in B&N today and I love the instant bestsellers they invent. These “authors” you have never heard of who suddenly have a display with book 6 of “XXXXXYYYYZZZZ”

A few months ago Vampire Earth sucked me in. Today I managed to resist a charlaine harris knock off about a woman who can control the weather and has a djinn boyfriend and whose covers sport a sexy lady with bedroom eyes, cut off midriff baring shirts and a belly button piercing. These books are lonely! They demand to be read and slain by Angie! Here is the amazon link

Weather Warden Book 8! She actually had an entire shelf in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy section.

I’m amazed at the amount of vampire romance fiction on the shelves nowadays.

I’d never suggest these books are great lit, but I don’t know that you can say that the bookstores are “inventing” their popularity. Clearly there’s some segment of the population buying it and loving it.

someone’s paying for end caps

I will clarify. Vampire Earth. Never heard of it, not on any rankings. Never see books 1,2,3,4 suddenly around book 5 or 6 its an end cap, shelf filler. Check out the copyrights. E E Knight cranked out 7 vampire earth novels in 3 years.

I’ve never dived into the weird (almost invariably female-written) trashy ero fantasy subgenre. I suspect that it’s not for me. I would totally read Angie tearing a particularly shitty one apart, though!

I still wonder if this is just a case of the bookstores finally realizing that this shit is popular, as opposed to them artifically creating the demand.

i wouldn’t say “finally” either. it’s been like this for quite a while. they’ve made the horror section in some stores damn near worthless.

I’ve read most of the series, and it’s actually pretty awesome. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, which has been taken over by vampires and their handlers. But the vampires aren’t like Dracula; they’re actually aliens.

The story arc deals with one character, who is in the human resistance. There’s actually a lot of blow-em-up action stuff, and relatively little emo or romance.

I haven’t either but I think this one has to be right in her sights.

I was quoting that one more for the shelf / marketing aspect. I read them as well. This new one I ran away from however. They all seem to be Roc imprints?

Ok, these Weather Warden books look amazing. I will have to see if the library has them (and stop playing so many damn games so I can get back to reading).

A friend gave me the Jhereg books for my birthday, and while I did enjoy them, Gabe’s more right than Tycho there.

I love the works of Brust. Very much.

Me, too. To Reign In Hell is one of my favorite books of all time.

The other curious thing about all these gothic Harlequin romance novels…they mostly all seem to be available for Kindle as well.

Which sucks balls as I can’t get the latter Sharpe novels for Kindle, but I can easily get the whole damn Weather Warden series?! :(

I would say make an Amazon wish list for these types of titles to review and we’d buy them for you. :)

He also gave me that one, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

It’s a very fast read, and a good time all around. It doesn’t connect with everyone, but the people that do enjoy it all sing it’s praises.