Angie I summon the Unammomer!

I’ve actually heard that the Weather Warden books are pretty good. They frequently prop up in recommendation threads for people looking for similar to Dresden Files.

I’ve read the first Weather Warden book. It was basically Mary Sue fanfic. Okay, not really, since it isn’t playing in someone else’s world, but it still feels that way. The protagonist is a special and unique flower, all the boys want her very, very much, and she looks really good in a tiny bikini. She spends a lot of time talking about that bikini, for no particular reason.

That said, it’s decent for what it is. Some days, you just want some shlock in which shit blows up real good, the girl gets the boy, and the bad people come to a bad end. I may read the second book someday.

The Dresden Files are much better, though.

Off topic, but this has been my problem. I really like the Dresden Files and wouldn’t mind reading something in a similar setting, but Dresden Files is already pushing my limits for enjoying schlocky fiction and everything I’ve looked into that has a similar setting appears to be far trashier!

Have you tried Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series? Starts with The Devil You Know. Kind of similar to Dresden and I can’t imagine anyone seeing it as trashy.

I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for Kim Harrison’s urban fantasy series but I haven’t read them so I don’t know how they compare.

I liked Reign in Hell too (it’s my only Brust, fwiw).

repairman jack or felix castor?

I read the first two Repairman Jack novels (my previous F Paul Wilson reading having been the Keep, which I decided to read a couple of years ago). I liked them well enough.

Hm, I’ll check 'em out, thanks!

Saw this on reddit this morning.

I was just coming into the thread to recommend the Felix Castor books. They’re more John Constantine than Harry Dresden, but lots of fun.

I wish it read: “Fang-bangers”.

Kind of along the same lines, albeit in an entirely different setting, I really enjoyed Whitechapel Gods, though it’s got some freshman author failings. The sequel, Ghost Ocean, has been rather crap so far.

I read a lot of those things. Including both the Vampire Earth and Weather Warden series. Honestly, I think they’re both pretty good. Not great, but Weather Warden in particular is very fast-paced and increasingly apocalyptic as time goes by.