Angry Birds Star Wars coming to consoles for $39.99

Unless you want it on Wii U - $49.99

Is not that a bit too big for a game that most people get for 2$ in the phone.

At those prices wouldn’t it be almost cheaper to buy a cheap android phone or android stick pc, get the free version of Angry Birds Star Wars and still come out ahead?

That can’t be a real offer. That has to be a sociological experiment to discover how stupid console owners are…

Hold on, it does say it has new levels. Perhaps it has an extra 2000, so the cost of the game is only increasing in scale.

That experiment will be rather successfull, I predict. :)

Well they must sold enough of the original Angry Birds on consoles and the 3DS to deem this will be a success.

It’s ridiculous, but I agree it will sell.

I think is possible to make a Angry Birds game that is worth at least 20$.

Add a editor and some “infinite level” and you are near it. Make so people can edit and share levels, include some funny campaign with a fun script storyline, and you have passed the mark.

But them you are trying to meet the price and worth of the product.

I believe it was actually free last week on iOS as part of Apple’s 5th year App Store celebration!

Free was the price I paid.

This is a test of “How stupid is the market?”

But it’s perfectly normal for copies of a game to be much more expensive on windows/consoles than on iOS, no?
Take a look at the LEGO games (Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars etc.), for example.
Apple has bred this strange ecosystem where developers/publishers are willing to accept a pittance as payment for their games in the hope that sellign a boatload of copies will make up for this.


So… The details are that this includes Angry Birds Star Wars 1 and 2, plus co-op and competitive multiplayer.

So… where do I insert my penis? At that price, there must be a place to put my penis, right?

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