Angular CLI / NG Serve is beeping now

I updated my install of Angular CLI to the latest version, and now when I do an ng serve, any changes that cause it to recompile will now be associated with an audible beep. Its driving me nuts and my google-fu is too weak to find an answer.

Is anyone familiar with this and know how to turn off the beeping?

I haven’t used Angular CLI but usually that’s a line in the config file for the build process like Gulp or Grunt. I see it uses webpack instead, which is cool, but then you have to ‘eject’ the config to be able to edit it? Haha.

That’s as far down that rabbit hole as I am willing to go.

Pipe the output trough a filter and remove the beep character?

Funny. I was curious about Angular CLI and it’s underpinnings so I was looking at the repo. Found this -

Apparently it’s sending a bullet as part of the output which triggers the beeps. Looks like it should be fixed shortly.

At least I know its a bug. As for shortly… not so much considering that was noted on Dec 14 and it is now Jan 21.

By shortly I was referring to the pull request that fixes the issue, which happened 4 hours ago. So it’s already fixed if you want to use that PR repo or apply that patch yourself, though who knows when they will actually commit the PR and then do another release.

You could also just edit your local copy of Angular CLI and delete those bullet points. If the thread I linked is correct it should fix your issue.

Or, if it was me, I would switch to WSL.