Animal Crossing meets Goodfellas

In case there was any actual doubt that playing Animal Crossing made you a pussy-- take it directly from Henry Hill and his 14 year old son, Julian:

HH: This animal thing here, this is the longest I’ve ever been attached to a game. Julian, I could play this with your mother. Give us something in common. Besides sex.

JH: Oh, God. Can we go now?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Don’t post pictures of me without my permission.

Yes, those are my actual feet.

But whose socks are you wearing?


I always wear those socks. Magical dancing socks. Tom and I have a matching pair for our DDR routine. Just wait 'til next E3!

that really is wumpus btw… i bought those selfsame dance pads on his recommendation. not that i’ve ever seen his feet before, i’m just validating that touch of realism.

Nothing has ever been as mislabeled as the center square of a dance pad.

The socks leave me without words or the breath to utter them.

Stay Cool! Show me your moves!

It probably wouldn’t be hard to work that guy’s voice into the forum pages.

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Everybody’s watching you!


You’re so cool!