Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Thanks @lostcawz – on my way. Would you like some black & purple?

Ooooh, I have black but not purple so that would be cool.

You got it. I’ll bring a couple of black tulips as well.

Ha! I’m on my computer with my Switch in the background. I checked it a minute ago so make sure it was still open, and when I just turned back to look I had a bunch of purple and black flowers around me! hehe, thanks!

All done. I bought a Samurai shirt too. Thanks!

Well it’s been four weeks now and no Redd. When he finally shows up, he better bring 5 real art pieces with him.

Also, I might be last to know this, but if you’re visiting an island and need to leave immediately, all you have to do is hit the minus button.

But don’t be a jerk and do that on a real person’s island.

Turnips for 90. 4000 for 360k. Gates open 8r3Q0 attn @Fozzle @Knightsaber @Hansey @ArmandoPenblade @Andy_Bates

@Kadath Do you have an Oarfish yet?

I don’t think I do! I havent done much fishing

You heading in @MichaelFortson?

No tickets from Q23ers thanks @MichaelFortson

Darn! I won’t let me drop the fish.

No sweat, I saw how big it was. Take your tickets back please

My pockets were full :-)

LOL ok.

@Kadath Oh! I wonder if it’ll let me donate directly to Blathers. BRB I’d like to try that and see if it works (just in general) That OK?

Sure get more turnips while here. Need coin to buy?

Sorry juggling folks in and out