Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Someone is telling me if they paid bells for Volcano then gave a ticket for a second one they would get a different one and not know it, and it would be stuck on that second one no matter if I paid bells or a ticket.

Anywho, looks like 4th gorram week with descending. 77 this AM and 75 just now. I may go get a switch light and start time travelling on that lol

I have noted all are set per vist, I always buy her out now - 2 large rugs, 2 med, 1 small for 10 tickets s as nd then the mystery gloor and wallpaper. One you give her the second set of tickets you can only pick the option left to you.

I’m not sure if you are agreeing with me or overruling. Can you expand?

I can’t speak to travelling to other islands, which skimming your post is what you seem to be talking about. I was referring to Armando’s thought that the random pulls coming from tickets are different each time. She only sells you one Wallpaper (with 5 tickets) and then if you bring another 5 tickets to her, the only option she gives is to buy the Flooring (or vice verse). If you travel to another island after buying up her inventory of 3 unique rugs, 2 wallpapers (one random, one with tickets), and 2 flooring (one random, one with tickets) I can’t speak to what happens, I’ve never done it.

EDIT: I suppose it’s possible if you got a third set of 5 tickets, she might start offering all new flooring or wallaper, but I strongly doubt it. More likely, she would tell you she doesn’t have more to give for tickets and you would save them for next time.

Sorry, what I was referring to was different players trading in tickets/buying items from the same Saharah, which was leading to the weird behavior Kadath ran into where he traveled to an island where she was supposed to be handing out Volcano floors but he got something different.

My gf and I share an island, and I can definitely confirm that the rugs are identical across players. But either the bell-purchased or ticket-earned wallpapers/floors are different, and I still can’t remember for sure which, hah.

LOL its all good. I got another one I didn’t have but boy would I like that volcano for my band practice room =)

Lite acquired. Twink account made. Day one raced through. I paid off my mile debt, got the museum in construction, got the upgraded tools, pro editor, tool ring and I think 3rd line of inventory. Hope to get the book shop built tomorrow and have turnip prices Wednesday. :)

Maniac I know, but I reaaaaallly enjoyed my day off :)

Oops wrong. I unlocked something else with 3000 miles. The 3rd line is another 5000. I’m 2000 towards it anyway.

The funny thing? I did a BUNCH of stuff I never did on isle 1. Got bit by a scorpion. Fished a boot. Caught hermit crabs.

If anyone cares, I’m 50/50 for either a small spike or a large spike Tuesday afternoon. If I hit a large spike, I will post here!

6 runs in at selling 450+ Will probably be looking for a sale still @Andy_Bates =)

I’m 60/40 for a big spike. In the past I’ve always lost to the RNG under similar circumstances – we’ll see!

I’m up to 18m bells so far with 2 main floor rooms and full basement and attic left to sell. So far i think it was worth the effort =) Plus I learned how fences work…

Hit the credits today and got my terraforming app! Just when I was starting to thing I could get back to Control on the Xbox One, now I’m making my path network.

Have two loads of turnips to sell and almost nothing left in the bank, so hoping someone shares a spike this week! I’m looking at 180 locally at best case.

I did three runs (120 stacks of turnips) last week and man that was plenty! Three runs is enough! Now that I have a basement and maybe 5M bells left over, I’m less incentivized to stock up on turnips in the future.

Yeah I wanted to hit 20m before calling it quits =) this will be the last time I do it. Like I said I was playing other stuff at same time.

Edit: Ended the day with 29m and half a load of turnips left plus 3 stacks to purposefully rot.

I know it’s way too late to think of this, but did you set your Lite to the opposite hemisphere?? It would be cool to have totally different seasons and things to collect.

I struggled with that Decision but ultimately kept both on Northern

I think the hemisphere change flipped this month (or maybe next month?), so he’d be back to what the northern hemisphere looked like at launch (so he’d have tarantulas instead of scorpions, for example).

I think I went too hard and heavy on Animal Crossing during the shelter in place thing. After hundreds of hours in I stopped logging in daily for a couple days and now I just can’t. I think I need a break =) That being said, kudos to Nintendo for making the single game that kept my attention for 2+ months…

No, there’s a six-month difference between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. So the Southern Hemisphere is just at the end of Fall right now, and starting in June it would switch to Winter, with whatever the monthly or seasonal bugs and insects would be.

Right, June - I was thinking it might be then. But that’s only in a week! So if someone started on Southern Hemisphere today, they’d only have a little bit with the stuff they hadn’t seen, then they get back to where they already were for six months!