Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)


If there’s an open unsold plot then you should find villagers on every mystery island.

Well that will teach me for spending tickets thinking they are rare…

Testing with one now.

What about Spike coming tomorrow, will that complicate things?

Edit: just looked. One is in construction so probably can’t be filled. Agnes left an open lot no construction. I assume that is where Spike will go.

I believe that, as soon as you mark the lot for construction, people will show up on your mystery islands. We did that one Sunday: talked to Tom Nook, opened a new lot, then immediately went out and started searching for islands.


I’m 95% set (finally!) for a large spike tomorrow afternoon (Pacific), if anyone still needs to sell. Range is expected to be 198-594.

Sahara is on the island and has some pretty good options tonight.

Ticket mystery rewards: Circuit board flooring & Skyscraper wall
Mystery purchases: Future Tech flooring (animated) and Shutter wall

I’ll open if anyone wants. It’s 9pm here but she stays until 5am. Currently not far from the airport but wandering. I don’t know if all of her wares are the same for everyone…

@MichaelFortson Keeping my fingers crossed for your spike tomorrow! Good luck!

I cannot express enough my annoyance with how Redd only shows up every like 7-14 days or whatever, I’ve only seen him twice outside of the first visit, and the fact you can only buy ONE piece of art from him is fucking stupid.

I’ve only seen him once since his first visit. I get the shoe and plant guys every other day it feels like. Even Saharra gets by at least once a week. Redd, I’ve seen once. Lizard guy that like bugs only once too. And fish guy never, except for the tournament a month or so ago.

IIRC, Saharah, Leif, and Kicks are your guaranteed weekly visitors (plus Daisy Mae and KK on the weekends if you’ve progressed far enough). That means that Redd, Gulliver, Label, Flick, and CJ are all competing for the remaining two weekday slots. IIRC, the game weights people who haven’t visited in the last week more highly when randomly choosing, but obviously it’s easy to end up close to 3 weeks+ between seeing someone depending how the cycles pan out.

Night-time visitors Wisp and Celeste operate more or less on a separate schedule (Celeste in particular will choose from your pool of clear nights each week to appear, and Wisp on a different night from her).

For those curious, people data-mined out Villager leave code, as well.

It’s roughly a ((5 * V) + D) percent chance each day that someone will ask, where V = number of Villagers you have, and D = Days since the last person asked if they should leave.

The process won’t kick off unless you have at least six villagers, and the same villager won’t ask to leave twice in a row. Once someone asks, there’s a short timer (a couple-few days, IIRC) before the formula starts getting checked again.

When choosing from valid villagers to leave (e.g., those that didn’t ask to leave too recently) when the chance-to-ask finally dings, the game will weight those you haven’t made close friends with higher than those you have, so the only real control a player can exert on the process is to make a point of not taking any actions to increase positive relations with critters they want to leave, but even then, it’s low odds per day of anyone asking, and modest odds at best of it being the one you want.

Lies! Secrets and Lies!

Seriously, I believe you. But I’m not sure how I’ve not stumbled across these more than once. Hell, I’m not sure who Gulliver even is off the top of my head.

Actually, I’ve had Label 3 or 4 times (I forget about her cuz I don’t really care about her outfit tests).

At least now that I’ve have my KK concert I can start tinkering with my island more and maybe make it less lame. So I’ve got that going for me.

Ok so on my new island I built the 3 houses for Tom nook yesterday. All 3 put up sold signs but I didn’t realize you could see who they were sold to. Today the first of the three moved in so I went to a mystery island. No random villager again. Grrrrrr. Back to my island I read that the houses are spoken for. Grrrrr. So I’m stuck with first five villagers and can only invite the second set of 5?

D’oh, I remember being vaguely concerned there had been a miscommunication yesterday but forgot to check back in :(

If you’ll humor me typing it out in excruciating detail, anytime there is an “open lot” on your island, you’ll find villagers on mystery islands. What constitutes an open lot?

Either: you’ve approached Nook and gotten a housing kit, which you’ve placed (it becomes active as soon as it’s placed), or a villager has moved out, vacating their home after being “in boxes” for a day.

While there’s an open lot (or more than one), each day at 5AM, there’s a high chance that a random villager will claim it (indicated by a little name card showing up on the construction lot); once that’s happened, the lot is no longer considered open, and they’ll move into it within a day. AFAIK, each open lot’s “fill chance” check is performed separately, so if you have multiple lots sitting open, they could all fill the next day-tick (5AM).

So, you can get choice on the initial set of three houses Nook requests of you, but you have to be pretty quick. Once you’ve placed them, you’ll need to mow through islands to find villagers you want before the next day-tick.

Fun note: all of this goes out the window for Villager 6, who will always be the first visitor to your campsite. There’s no way to un-invite them, AFAIK. But for 7-10, the above process reasserts itself, as well as with any subsequent openings created when villagers leave.

(Future campsite visitors beyond the first can arrive regardless of how many open lots you do or don’t have, and if invited, will kick out a random villager the next day. If you invite a villager to your campsite directly with an Amiibo, you get to select who they kick out)

Speaking of boxes, if anyone wants Agnes, (one of my two originals), she decided to leave and I couldn’t be happier. She’s in boxes right now, that pig. Literally.

Glad to see I’m not the only one getting screwed on the Redd thing. Misery loves company? This is the 5th week now that we haven’t had him come visit our island (tomorrow should be Kicks). I would love to trade him out for Leif who is completely useless for us for now.

I was lucky. My first campsite visitor was Jacques, who is by far my favorite of all of the characters I’ve met.

My first campsite villager was Marshal, who continues to be cute and charming.

We also have two villagers with the same personality type, which is a little odd when you have the same conversations with both. They really should have exactly ten personality types (or more), instead of the eight they have now. Seems like you’re always going to get duplicates.

Apparently there are some less-well-defined “subtypes” within the main types, which some, but not all, villagers have. That’s rumor at this stage, TBH. But my two Normal gals, Sylvanna and Gladys, have pretty wildly different conversation trees and hobbies and personal styles.

On the other hand, Rex the lion basically just spouts exactly the same things as Zucker the Octopus, except with substantially less variety. His dialog options seem weirdly limited. Maybe because he’s newer, but even then, he’s been around more than a month at this point, and Zucker still says way more things.

I’ve said this before and I continue to say it: If they had DLC with expanded text content–more dialog options, more fish puns–I would buy it in a heartbeat. Or at the very least, the option to turn off the fish puns after the first 500 times you hear them.