Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

And Celeste just arrived, giving out the Gemini closet DIY (perhaps something else if you already have that). It’s partly cloudy and I have not seen any meteors.

Does Celeste always mean meteors will happen?

It doesn’t seem like it. I’ve visited other islands with Celeste but no meteor showers. But I didn’t stay all night :-)

Isabelle will tell you if there’s an actual meteor shower that night…so I hear.

I really need Celeste recipes! If anyone sees Celeste any other nights, let me know!

Hey the rats are buying for 489. Open till 11:55. PLEASE no donations from fellow Q23ers. Just don’t share the dodo. 5CT8H

This was the wrong week to fail to buy turnips apparently! Nice, y’all <3

D’oh. It’s reallly slow on friday mornings it seems. Put up my island for donations only, had about 10 people so far.

You guys obviously don’t need to queue but nobody here seems to need. Kicks is here tho =)

I think most of us sold earlier this week at around 400. But appreciate the opening, @Kadath!

Gonna invest big in turnips on Sunday to hopefully pay off my final home loan. I know you can technically not pay off the last expansion, and it would make sense not to, but I just can’t stand that the thought of Tom Nook continuing to own me for all of eternity if I leave the loan open.

My wife is at 631 for turnips for the next 30 minutes if anyone still has some to sell. NL9G2. Tips not required but greatly appreciated since she’s still working on terraforming

Next time I need to pluck up my courage and wait until the end of the week! These prices are insane!

Yeah, I’ve never seen anything over 200 on my own island. She hasn’t been paying much attention to turnips, doesn’t check most days, and didn’t even buy any this week, but just happened to check and had the highest price I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been checking religiously and not getting more than mid-200s, so that makes sense. Watched pot and all that…

I’ve got an honest to goodness meteor shower (announced by Isabelle and everything) going on tonight. Gates are open if anyone wants to come watch my skies…Dodo is 2C6MW. Not sure how long I’ll be on, but for awhile at least. Haven’t seen Celeste, but I’m wandering my island to see if she’s around.

I’m heading over!!!

Edit: Looks like I missed it! And apparently there’s no Celeste on Saturdays because K.K. Slider is there.

Hey, sorry I missed you last night! Judging by the time stamps, I must have just missed you. I think I was open for between two to two and a half hours before I got kinda tired/bored so I quit for the night. Didn’t see your message until this morning. You’re right though, I traversed my island a few times and Celeste was definitely nowhere to be found last night.

I never did manage to catch any star fragments during the whole of Taurus season, which is a shame since I actually am a Taurus. ;) Oh well, hopefully this morning I’ll have at least a few Gemini fragments.

Daisy Mae is selling turnips today for 90 bells each. If anyone still isn’t burnt out on turnips, I’ve opened my gates again - 71PSB. It’s about quarter past 9:00 here (I’m EST) so she’ll be around for a while, and so will I as I’m doing my daily things.

Last I saw her, she was wandering in the southeast part of my island.

Thanks, but I’m taking a week off myself. I saw Daisy and didn’t even want to take the time to got withdraw bells, empty my pockets at my house, then go find her again to make a purchase. I’ve paid off my house and had KKs concert this week. I have 3.5 mil in the bank and an open area that is about a quarter of my island I saved for development. But I still have no idea what I want to do with it, lol. So, this week I’m not gonna chase the turnip dragon.

What are all of you doing with all the bells you get from turnips, anyway? After house loans are paid off, I get enough bells just collecting bugs, fish, and selling fruit from trees to more than pay for bridges or the occasional expensive items that shows up at Nook’s, while still getting any clothing or Nook Shopping items I may like.

I tried turnips once, but don’t play often enough to watch for turnip price jumps so it seems like too much of a bother. It really seems to be one of the least enjoyable aspects of the game.

Getting the 10,000,000 bells from selling turnips Nook Miles achievement. Got it last week, no more turnips.

(Until I get bored).