Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Are you closed now @DennyA? I’m so excited to make my first visit to another person’s paradise! I have one gold nugget and a watering can!

@Indyls, nope, I’m open! Code changed to 9Q45Q due to a communication error. If you get a “someone forgot to put their nook phone in airplane mode” error, just keep trying. I have a few local friends coming and going too. :)

[Edit for late readers: Current code is 8922F]

On my way! Thanks so much

@Indyls, got the gold! Thanks for all the watering!

@DennyA I sold my 400 turnips for a hefty profit, took you up on your generous offer of apples and cherries, and accidentally ripped the heads off two flowers while ineptly watering your beautiful flowers. All and all a wonderful visit to your beautiful Denlandia!

Oh and I forgot to mention a cat told me your nickname is Flightless Coconut. Which is pretty awesome.

I’m going to close up the island and see if my wife wants to play. Looks like Denny’s taking the night shift. :)

Assuming no communication errors when I have to be Away From Switch a couple of times this afternoon/evening, it should be up until 10 PM PDT. If the connection breaks, I’ll log back on and post an updated Dodo code.

@Indyls, the flowers will grow back. :) Glad the trip was fun!

GF sends her regards! And left a little bundle by your house. Loved your villagers and layout :)

OMW if open

Thanks Denny, I got all 3 batches on my new guy sold. Time left for me to make a trip or two on the main?

Edit: 3 trips on the new guy and 2 on the old! Have a few batches left in the yard but will find a discord outlet for those. Thanks so much!

@Kadath, you’re welcome to keep coming! New Dodo code is 8922F — had another comm error.

OMW! =)

Whats the new closing time? I don’t want to keep you up longer than you want!

Edit ooooooh, Pacific? GREAT!

I don’t have any turnips this week (reset my game to start over) but I might just come smuggling sight-seeing to pick some fruit if that’s OK.

Pick away, @MichaelFortson! My orchards are kinda excessive right now.

I tried typing in game; my app isn’t working for whatever reason — but thank you! Think I’ll buy some flowers from the Nooks while I’m here.

I saw your last statement about it not working Michael.

Thanks again Denny. Think I am done buying and selling for a long while now.

Fruit and flowers acquired. Thanks Denny! It was weird to be unable to emote (haven’t learned any yet) or talk (app not working). Nice place — love the double waterfall!

Thanks, Michael! The double waterfall was a happy accident as I was learning the tools.

Last call, 5 more mins if anyone wants to squeak in a visit!

EDIT: Nook kids went home and to bed. Was fun to start the day getting out of debt at @Gedd’s place and then seeing a bunch of y’all come by mine! Hope to get another chance to share in the future.