Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Pick away, @MichaelFortson! My orchards are kinda excessive right now.

I tried typing in game; my app isn’t working for whatever reason — but thank you! Think I’ll buy some flowers from the Nooks while I’m here.

I saw your last statement about it not working Michael.

Thanks again Denny. Think I am done buying and selling for a long while now.

Fruit and flowers acquired. Thanks Denny! It was weird to be unable to emote (haven’t learned any yet) or talk (app not working). Nice place — love the double waterfall!

Thanks, Michael! The double waterfall was a happy accident as I was learning the tools.

Last call, 5 more mins if anyone wants to squeak in a visit!

EDIT: Nook kids went home and to bed. Was fun to start the day getting out of debt at @Gedd’s place and then seeing a bunch of y’all come by mine! Hope to get another chance to share in the future.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who opened (or offered to – that was kinda hilarious timing, @SadleyBradley!). Today was a good day in the Expanded Qt3niverse :)

Ha! The bright side is that no one had to see my shambles island and then lie to me about how nice it is.

Holy crap. I love it the most when I can start seeing new fish/bugs at the top of each month, I think.

So weird. I invited a very cool anteater to my island yesterday and today a totally different animal showed up. That ever happen to any of you?

Edit: Seems like a side effect of my time travel last week per Reddit. Oh well.

I am such an idiot. I only just now realized that I can buy additional, different mysterious wallpaper/flooring from Saharah on the same visit that you also get them with the tickets.

I think the first time I tried to buy a second piece I got hung up on the “you can only buy one mysterious X per visit” but glossed over the part where she tells you can still use tickets. Ugh, all those wasted attempts trying to get the specific bits I’m after, hehe.

If it makes you feel any better, I have Saharah visiting today. I need a couple hours but I could definitely open up for you to get two more wallpapers and flooring.

Nah, it’s all good, at least now I know for future reference. I appreciate the offer though!

My Nooks are buying turnips for 422. Dodo 16GTF if anyone wants to visit. Plant guy is here selling hydrangeas. No tips needed

Anyone got Redd withem extra reals today?

Oh and btw Olaf showed up today and other villagers told me Draco is coming tomorrow. So all my Recruited villagers are accounted for. Still want Chief, , Sterling, kid cat or Raymond If anyone has those in boxes

I have Sterling, but he will never be in boxes because he’s my boyfriend and I will never let him leave. ;)

(That sounded a bit creepier than I intended, lol.)

Well, he’s the one with the creepy prison house.

Can anyone confirm the requirements for being able to invite a friend’s villager who’s in boxes? Do you have to have a fully vacant lot, or is it sufficient to have one of your own villagers in boxes?

And I totally wasn’t expecting that when I found him on a Nook Miles Island. Saw him there in his shining armor, was expecting his interior to be somewhat castle like, but no… he lives in a prison.

Vacant lot is my understanding