Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I have Redd with a genuine glowing painting, fake Mona Lisa, and fake quaint painting, for anyone interested.

Edit: My island is a shithole, so bring your ladder.

Yes please! Glowing

And closed up for the night.

Apparently I’m due for a large spike… several days late. Should be tomorrow morning if anyone is still stuck with some turnips.

I should have a large spike tomorrow afternoon to cover everyone’s bases.

Oooh, @Kadath, I need the futuristic floor for my upstairs! Can you grab one for me and I’ll meet up sometime to get it from you?

Morning turnip price is 425. I imagine everyone has sold already but… any interest and I’ll open up privately to Qt3 (right now I’m doing a public run on the exchange).

Sorry already went to bed when you asked :( non way to get dupes anyway I think if you buy with both tickets and coin it swaps things around right?

Missed @MichaelFortson’s time window, but if anyone else has even decent turnip prices today, my girlfriend’s niece really needs to sell a batch, so… :)

I missed this the other day…


@Knightsaber has an afternoon spike today. Fingers crossed for your GF’s niece that he gets a good one…

My post-peak afternoon price is 212. I recommend waiting for @Knightsaber but if the timing doesn’t work, I’m open and my code is K33YF.

Oh I haven’t looked :)

Edit: It’s 380, poke at me if you need me. @DennyA, if you’re still looking.

@Knightsaber, if I could get a Dodo so Jenna could sell on your island that would rock!

Sure, let me run and open it up.


Just don’t run on my flowers and we’ll all be fine :)

Thanks so much!

I can only be here for another half hour before I have to go do afternoon things. She should come now or wait for a few hours :)

Denny, I might have an extra Futuristic Floor. Can you DM me later to remind me to check?

And that’s what I get for taking a day off. Didn’t water my flowers, didn’t check in at City Hall, and I missed the meteor shower. Curse me and my lack of commitment!