Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

You can “grab 1” from a stack and then combine singles into new stacks.

Yeah I know about ‘grab 1’, I meant more like split stacks in half.

Penny Arcade has been meh for so long and I was wondering what does it have to do with Animal Crossing as I read it, but that was good. Brought a smile to my face.

Well I managed to scrounge enough iron to get the Store approved and placed the site. I got enough critters and fossils to approve the museum and paid off my house and went straight back into debt to expand it because reasons.

Now I just wait and see what else happens in the next few days.

I hadn’t played an Animal Crossing since the original on the GameCube, but this is obviously adorable. I can’t really articulate why I’m enjoying it so much, but it’s weirdly serene and relaxing.

I’ve got a meteor shower tonight, and Celeste is wandering my island. Feel free to stop by and collect wishes. To get them, just look out at the sky (up on right stick to get an almost horizontal perspective) while looking out towards the moon. Press A whenever a shooting star goes by. Apparently tomorrow you’ll get a little star crystal for each wish you make…

Celeste is also on my island offering a magic wand recipe that uses these star bits.

I’m cooking dinner but I’ll leave my gates open :-)

I’ll wander over then.

I’ve been doing this ALL wrong. So, how do you know it’s about to break? Or do you just tap it once?

Wait, there’s a V2? I suppose my Animal Crossing special edition must use the latest hardware, but I can’t tell the difference from the launch one that I recently gave to my son, only to buy one again because of this game.

After much speculation, turned out the battery life was improved on V2.

The rock will break if you’re currently powered up from fruit – open your inventory and you’ll see a little counter. If you want to “burn off” unwanted fruit charges, use your shovel to lift up (and replant) whole trees.

So long as you’re not all pepped up, dig the lockdown holes as above, position yourself, and whack away with A as fast as possible. You can get 8 minerals out if you are quick. Once a set amount of time passes from your first tap or two, the rock will “expire,” essentially, hence the need to anchor yourself for maximum button-mash-age!

Once a rock is “tapped out” for the day, you’ll need to wait till the reset time (5AM, IIRC) to try again.

That’s super helpful, @ArmandoPenblade. Thanks! I have been blowing them up each time while juiced, and wondering why they weren’t respawning fast enough.

I’m still paying for that after my first day. Should finally have enough iron after today. Assuming I don’t get a ton of clay and money instead.

Tom Nook went and closed his tent today. I totally forgot he’s upgrading.

Me this morning:

Just got my 15 for the museum and now ready to go for the shop, quite enjoying the slow paced nature, just sort of plod along in between working from home

That happens to me tomorrow, I’m glad I bought a DIY workshop in my house finally.

EDIT: Does this reset progress on the daily login to Nook Miles?

Can’t think of anything that messes with the daily terminal access bonus, which is what I think you’re talking about, so I think no?

Ringtoss is hot here at the moment. Only requires 2 wood and 2 softwood, so super cheap and easy to make.

I have 3 new neighbours moving in today! Pretty exciting.

oh hey, if anyone has time… it’s my daughter’s 8th birthday today and obviously it’s kind of a weird one with the no social interaction thing. but we just started playing AC together, and if anyone was inclined to send her a birthday card through there, her friend code is SW-7799-8928-77fourseven (i dunno if bots would come here and harvest friend codes to be mean to kids, but maybe?). Her island is open.

I would hope not. It caps out after a week anyway, so not really a big deal imo.

It does not. And it tells you so when you access the ABD the day the new building opens.