Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

I would hope not. It caps out after a week anyway, so not really a big deal imo.

It does not. And it tells you so when you access the ABD the day the new building opens.

Oh! I kinda wanna swing by and make a bunch of money. My hot item is fuckin Ironwood Kitchenettes that requires two other DIY furniture items that I don’t even have access to…

I added your daughter as a Switch friend. If I get an acceptance tonight I’ll send along a bday gift :)

oh dang, looks like I have to have visited the island to send a present :(

The island should be open and I accepted the request!

Heading back to my island to head to yours :)

thanks to @barstein for the hot tip on his island’s hot item today. That was easy $$! Looks like the Ring Toss toys are selling for 960 Bells there on Borphee, which is a great investment for 2 wood/2 softwood

I’ll be idling on my island with the gates open for the next three hours or so. I’ve got cherries, some oranges, and some coconuts. Saharah is visiting. Rocks untouched today. Feel free to harvest whatever!

No problemo! Yeah, those are super cheap to make. Every time my shop lists a hot item that only requires wood, I grab a few stone axes and hit every tree on my island, and then visit as many mystery islands as I can for more. Then I empty my inventory out and fill it with the item before selling.

I’m growing lots of fruit now, but hot items are great on non-harvest days. Anything that requires iron is barely worth the effort, though, imo.

My shop will be open for another 4 hours or so (I’m PST.)

I’d visit but our Switch(es) isn’t arriving until tomorrow!

Does her avatar wear dresses/skirts or pants?

Dresses though we didn’t know we had a choice!

I’d come gift her a dress but Tom Nook is closed today. Maybe a surprise gift?

Anything is great, she just likes knowing someone knows about her birthday

I’ll bring something if she accepts my friend request then!

And I am still having trouble actually seeing the island, though I do show that we’re friends on my Switch :(

I just discovered I was doing it wrong, I didn’t realize I couldn’t open the island from my secondary account so I just had to sign her up for a trial Nintendo online membership. Should be done now. Argh.

It’s turning into a party.

(Qt3 Birthday Party = bunch of old men visiting an 8 year old on their Switches)

Big party! People keep showing up :-D

I realized I forgot to buy wrapping paper so I’m checking to see if there’s a store, lolllll

edit: thanks for inviting us, @wilykat! I hope you and yours are doing well over there IRL <3

I managed to drop my present before the airport started spitting everyone else on Qt3 out of it.