Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Wait, really? They’re not even making 3DSes anymore? I mean, I suppose it’s not that surprising, since they want to sell Switches, but for some reason I assumed they’d keep selling the 3DS, because honestly, it’s a decent handheld console. I guess I never thought about it.

Yeah that surprised me too. I guess I shouldn’t stress out about it since Nintendo hardware seems to be pretty sturdy overall (my DSi XL is still going strong), but I didn’t realize it was the end of an era. I guess the used market is always there in case my unit dies!

So my hunt for one of the smugs on my shortlist (posted several posts up) was fruitful. Managed to score Zell on my 22nd island. Only two other smugs showed up before him, but neither were ones I wanted (Lionel and Lucha).

For the curious, this is the list of villagers I encountered:

Soleil (Yes, I encountered Soleil two islands in a row!)

I also thought it interesting that none of the villagers that showed up were ones that I would have wanted anyway even if I wasn’t searching for a few specific smugs types. Purrl maybe, and Willow was kind of cute, but neither of them are on my coveted list. It would have been painful to have to pass on Fauna if she’d turned up. ;)

So I now have three deer villagers, which normally I’d want some variety (unless I’m specific collecting animal types) but at least I can use the excuse that all three are very different deer types (with different antlers/horns) - Bam is a regular deer, Erik is a reindeer, and Zell is an antelope. So different animals entirely! Yeah!

Wow, that’s a heck of trail to blaze! I’m glad you found The One after all that, though :-D

My husband wanted me to hold out for Lopez, but I told myself I was taking the first one on my list that showed up. (I was secretly glad that it was Zell though, hehe)

Biancas in boxes if anyone interest.

Rock #4 did fall off into place today, yay!

Lol Bianca was grabbed in literally 30
Seconds after posting on the ACNH discord

Got a
Real glowing painting for trade if anyone has art dupes. Both my guys have it.

What I would give to ever see Redd on my island again, haha.

One trip in 3 weeks on 2 accounts. It’s bullshit. Maybe they will rebalance with patch this Friday. Hoping

At least with Redd you know if he’s there or not. Who the f can tell when Celeste shows up. Meteors are no indicator

Got Celeste and Redd tonight, funnily enough. I somehow missed him earlier. Anyway, it’s full Meteor Showers, so I’m open for an hour or two at Dodo Code 1RV7J.

Redd has fake famous and jolly paintings, if anyone’s interested.

Thank you! I finally got the Moon recipe I wanted!


I both love and dislike the monthly turnover. I found 9 new bugs and a new fish in just a couple hours this morning, which is awesome since it feels so long since I donated to the museum (since the fossil collection is complete). But, I worry that means that I’ll have very little left for the rest of the month. And Redd was docked, but I think the only painting that was real was one I already had purchased (the second repeat in the short time he’s been available).

So, excited for the new stuff, then a steep let down as I know it fades for the rest of the month.

So, are there particular visiting vendors or whatever that people are especially interested in? That I would want to give a shout here if they happen to show up for me?

As in, I had a camel selling rugs and whatnot over the weekend. Should I have mentioned?

Redd is a lucky mixture of (eventually) rare and highly useful to outsiders. As your island develops, eventually there’s about ~7-8 NPCs who will become regular daytime M-F visitors. 3 of them are there every week, guaranteed: Leif, Kicks, and Saharah. The other 4 or 5 have to vie for a random spawn in the remaining two days of the week, so it’s easy to go 2-3 weeks at a time without seeing Redd. Given that he’s also the only source of art for the museum, and that you can only buy one art piece per visit, it could take a year or more to fill out the museum if you rely on his visiting your own island only.

Saharah isn’t nearly as rare, but her wide variety of crazy wallpapers and floorings do make her tantalizing to folks. Similar with Celeste, a nighttime visitor who gives out special recipes. Those three are probably the ones folks are most commonly gonna be interested in :)

Months. 2-3 months with no Redd.

I love collecting the unique wallpapers and floors from Saharah, so yeah, I love dropping by whenever there’s an opportunity to buy those!

That said, I’m starting to get some duplicates, so would anyone here be interested in trading?

Yeah, I know the feeling. I have ideas of how they could switch things up–maybe you only get two or three species out on a given day?–but I’m sure people are used to the game how it is and wouldn’t want that to change. I just try to parcel out my fishing and bug catching so I don’t overdo it.

One thing that bugged me from older games was how the weather would change on the hour. So at 11:59 it’s raining, and then at 12:00 it suddenly stops. They still change the weather on the hour in New Horizons, but at least the rain starts slowing down before it stops on the hour. It feels much more natural that way.

I’m always on the lookout for Celeste, as I really want space recipes.

Oh, also, if your turnip prices (once that economy kicks in) are north of about 300, it’s worth a mention, and once Thursday rolls around north of 200 is worth a mention. :)

Last time Redd was on my island, he had all counterfeits. I bought one for my bedroom wall, but I still only have 3 items in the art wing of my museum…